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Today, Abbott Diabetes Care placed a notice on their website with a notice that they were contacting customers who were waiting on new receivers or transmitters.  They said that they were trying to offer solutions for the waiting period.  There was a number to call so I called.

They are not able to say when they will be able to replace the system, so if you don’t want to wait, they are offering $2k towards a replacement system if you return the Navigator to them.  I also brought up that I have 7 ½ boxes of sensors.  I was told that they will also reimburse those.  I then told them that my insurance company paid more than what they should have on those, so I wanted to make sure the reimbursement was for what was paid.  They will pay dollar-for-dollar as long as long as you have the sales receipt, which I do.

I wanted to make sure that something was in writing if I returned everything to them.  They are also sending Affidavits for people to sign.  I don’t have a problem with that.  I just wanted my money back so I could get a Dexcom.  The Dexcom is supposedly cheaper so my insurance company will make out on the deal.  The supply company will get their money for both a Navigator & a Dexcom and I will finally have a working system.  Everyone should be happy!

They are sending me labels & boxes to return everything to them.  They said they are working on doing a fast turnaround.

Even after I accepted the deal, I was offered 90 days worth of test strips.  I use a different meter that connects to my computer so declined that offer.

Abbott finally did the right thing for their customers.  Although I wish that they had done it sooner, at least they finally did it.  I am just shy of the 10 week mark for my Navigator dying.

I feel sorry for anyone that works in customer service at the Navigator department.  I am sure they have dealt with a ton of angry customers the last 2 months.  They all deserve a bonus and a happy hour trip!

UPDATE:  I wanted to attach this same update to a couple of the posts about Abbott Diabetes Care.  I did not want to add a whole new post because I want the Dexcom vs. Navigator comparison post to remain on the main page.

 On Thursday, April 8th, I accepted Abbott’s offer of $2k for the Navigator.  I was told that they would FedEx me two labels – one for the return of the Navigator & the other for the return of the sensors.  My FedEx package showed up today (Monday, April 12th) with only one label for the return of the Navigator.  It had a paper for me to sign accepting the $2k and I could get that with 90 days worth of test strips or without the test strips.  No mention of the sensors.  I called Abbott immediately and asked to talk to a supervisor.  She told me that the sensor offer was coming separately but could not tell me when.  I will not return the Navigator without something in writing about the sensors – I have $5,125 worth of those and any deal with Abbott has to include that money.  It looks like I was screwed again by Abbott Diabetes Care and I will be sitting here waiting to get a Dexcom because Abbott screwed me.
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2 thoughts on “Abbott Diabetes Care

  1. Hi Kelly:

    Please check the FDA website. The FDA announced a Class II recall of the Navigator. Close to 5,000 units are affected and it appears that this is a global recall.

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