Moving Forward

My phone rarely rings but has been ringing off the hook lately.  Wednesday afternoon, Dexcom called me to check on the status of the Navigator refund – I needed that money before I could get the Dexcom.  About two hours later, my supply company called to let me know that my insurance company had approved the Dexcom.  She wanted to know if I would be home on Friday to sign for the package.  That totally took me by surprise because Dexcom was supposed to let the supply company know that I was going to take their deal for the Dexcom.  I would still need to go thru the supply company for sensors because Dexcom is not a provider with my insurance.  I was happy because I would not have to wait to get started on the Dexcom.  I called the guy at Dexcom back to let him know.  I went into his voice mail so I left a message for him. 

About an hour later, Animas called me.  When I did the trial of the Dexcom, I used the trial unit that belonged to the Animas salesman.  Animas & Dexcom have partnered up and will be coming out with a combined pump/CGMS.  Even though I had sent the paperwork to Dexcom the morning I started the trial, Animas was able to get a better deal for my insurance so they worked with the supply company on that end of it.  Animas also heard my insurance approved the Dexcom so wanted to let me know but I already knew.    

The guy from Dexcom called me back.  He was surprised also.  He was going to arrange the training but because I had already done the trial and had experience with the Navigator, I didn’t need any training.

About 4 on Friday, UPS showed up with my box.  I immediately took everything out of the box and plugged the receiver in to charge it – it takes 3 hours to charge it.  Even though I could not tell the receiver that I had a sensor in yet because I did not have time to sit near the charger, I put a sensor in so that it would have a chance to settle in.  You can have some whacky readings the first few hours of a new sensor so I figured I could shorten that period while waiting on the receiver to charge.  After dinner when I was able to sit near the charger, I told the receiver that I had a new sensor in – I still had to wait the 2 hour start-up period before getting readings.  I only shaved about 45 minutes off of my waiting time, but Friday evening, I started getting readings.  I was one week short of the 3 month period when my Navigator died, so that was a big relief.  I won’t have to worry about seeing 13’s on my meter anymore!

As I said, when I did the trial, I used the Animas sales guy’s trial unit.  The Dexcom sales guy had a bunch of trials going on so he asked the Animas guy if I could use his.  I have been getting closer to making the decision about moving over to a pump and Animas was my pump of choice.  When he handed me his business card, that was the push I needed to move forward with getting a pump – everything happens for a reason!  I told him that as soon as I got everything settled with the Dexcom, I would be ready to start that process.    

Thursday afternoon, I had one of those computerized calls from UPS letting me know that I had a package being delivered on Friday that I had to sign for so I knew the Dexcom had been shipped and there weren’t any last minute problems with that.  Thursday evening, I emailed the Animas sales guy to let him know I would have my Dex on Friday and I was ready to start the paperwork for the pump.  I knew Animas had paperwork on their site, but wasn’t sure if that was all he needed from me.  He said to go ahead and fill that out & email it back to him.  I printed that out, completed it and emailed it back to him Thursday evening.

On Friday, someone else from Animas called me to let me know he had my paperwork. Animas is not a provider with my insurance so he would be sending it to the supply company.  I will be using the same supply company that I got the Dexcom from.  They will have to get something from my doctor and my insurance will have to approve it, but at least the pump process is started.

Saturday morning, the phone rang & it was a computerized phone call from Federal Express – I had something coming on Monday that I would have to sign for.  I wrote down the tracking number & looked that up on the FedEx site.  It was something coming from Oakland, CA.  I looked at the tracking information for the Navigator stuff I sent back and that went thru Oakland.  If I had bothered to look closely on the FedEx site, the reference field had “FSN Sys Refund” and I would have seen it was my check from Abbott. 

Today, the FedEx guy showed up with the envelope from Abbott.  They sent two separate checks – one for $2k for the Navigator and the other for the sensors.  Most of the money will have to go back to my insurance company but I get to keep what my deductible on the sensors was and a little extra from the Navigator.  I had a box upstairs that the last order of Navigator sensors came in.  When I sent the sensors back to Abbott, they wanted them out of the packaging so I put all those little boxes in the big box.  I wanted to hold onto them until I knew everything was settled and I took those over to the dumpster this afternoon.  The Navigator chapter is now officially closed!

When I put the Dexcom sensors in the linen closet upstairs, the boxes were small enough I was able to fit 3 months worth on one shelf.  The Navigator stuff took up 2 shelves plus part of another one.  My first thought was that I would be able to move some of the stuff back that I moved out to make room for the Navigator supplies but then I remembered that I will need room for the pump supplies, so I won’t be moving anything back. 

Time to celebrate!
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2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Excellent news Kelly! I wish we had the Dexcom here in Canada, but eventually it’ll make to our neck of the woods. By then, it maybe time for me to upgrade my Animas 2020 – and get with the times!

    Are you going to be getting the Animas Ping – or just the Animas 2020 (they are both the same – 2020 has no remote – less batteries to buy )? I know when the Ping had come out, because I’d had my Animas 2020 for over a year and abit, in order to upgrade to the Ping I would have to fork out $1K. I couldn’t afford it, and my husbands health insurance at work wouldn’t foot the bill, so it never happened, which is fine. Hopefully you’ll get a similar deal or better since you are wanting both the CGMS/pump.

    Be careful with the alcohol there! Remember, it can lower your BG’s abit, but then bounce back sometimes with a vengence. Though does depend on what you mix with it – I have to admit – am licking my lips looking at that bottle – only had that once in my lifetime (just this year as a matter of fact) – very nice almond liquor!

    So, chin up or whatever the saying goes!

    • Anna, I am hopefully going to get the Ping – it depends what my insurance will approve! I am surprised that you don’t have the Dexcom in Canada yet. Maybe since Animas & Dexcom are coming out with the combined pump/CGMS, that will help get Dexcom to Canada for you.

      Of course you have to throw in the battery comment and make me start to rethink that one! The Dex comes with a rechargeable battery that is supposed to last 3-5 days. I had to recharge mine after 48 hours already – I guess I was hitting those buttons too often!

      Amaretto is my favorite but I don’t get it too often. I worked with a guy once that said him & his wife served it once when they had friends over. The friends liked it & bought some but didn’t understand why it didn’t taste the same – they bought one of the cheaper brands and it isn’t the same.

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