Diabetes and Astrology by Nic Gaudette

Nic Gaudette is an astrologer and also a friend of mine.  Nic has been providing astrology readings for me for several years now and I am always impressed with her readings.  Nic asked my permission to use my chart to write an article for her blog so I thought it would be fun to share that article here.

I usually order a personal horoscope from Nic.  She recently wrote this for June 12th:

12th (not good for your foot; you also have Neptune hitting your 6th house cusp that day, so keep your eyes open on everything)

I plan to write the full details about what happened, but on the 12th, I woke up on my bedroom floor with EMTs over me.  After getting home from the hospital, I looked to see what Nik said for that day.  While in the hospital, I discovered blood on the heel of my bad foot.  At first, I thought that was what was supposed to be my “not good for your foot” day, but later, I also ended up with a huge blister on my foot that I am now being treated for.

Diabetes and Astrology by Nic Gaudette

Using astrology, you can determine many things about your life and what you’re predisposed to, health being one of them. Understanding your natal chart, a snapshot of the planets and certain points when you’re born, can help you to better understand what you may need to focus more on and hopefully, improve your quality of life.

With diabetes, the two most important planets in your chart to look at are Venus and the Moon. Venus rules the kidneys, and the Moon rules the pancreas, hence their importance for a diabetic. For a general look at diabetes, here are a few things to look at:

1) At least 2 of the malefics in Libra, a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), the 6th house, or the 7th house. In traditional astrology, there are two malefics, Mars and Saturn. In modern astrology, you can add 4 more – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Ceres.

2) The Moon and/or Venus difficultly aspecting the Sun, Mars, or in a water sign. The Sun rules the self, and Mars rules energy; Mars is also a malefic, and the Sun is a malefic in Vedic astrology. There are many difficult aspects, but the main ones are squares, oppositions, semisquares, sesquiduadrates, and quincunxes.

3) The ruler of the 6th house in the 8th house, or the ruler of the 8th house in the 6th house. The 6th house rules your health.

4) Venus and Jupiter or Moon and Jupiter difficultly aspecting a malefic while a malefic is in the 8th house.

5) Venus and Jupiter difficultly aspecting a malefic when the Ascendant (1st house) is ruled by a malefic.

6) The Moon, Venus, or a malefic in detriment or fall.

There are also things to look for depending on which type of diabetic you are:


weak or difficultly aspected Venus, North Node, Mars, 5th house or 5th house ruler, or North Node difficultly aspecting Venus and Mars


weak or difficultly aspected Jupiter, Mars, North Node difficultly aspecting Jupiter and Mars, North Node connected to Jupiter and Mars

For Kelly, I’m exploring both the general points as well as Type 1, since she’s a Type 1 diabetic. Kelly has her Mars and Neptune in water signs (Cancer and Scorpio), Uranus in the 6th house, Neptune on the 7th house, and Ceres in a water sign (Scorpio). That’s 5 of #1 right there! For #2, her Moon squares her Sun and quincunxes her Mars. This puts more focus on her Moon rather than Venus, which could show that her problem is geared more towards her pancreas than her kidneys. For #4, she has the moon aspects from #1, as well as Jupiter conjunct Ceres (a malefic) in Scorpio while Neptune (a malefic) occupies her 8th house. For #6, her Mars is in fall in Cancer, a water sign. #3 and #6 don’t apply for her.

Her North Node opposes Mercury and squares Mars, giving it difficult aspects. Her Mars is also difficultly aspected, not only squaring her North Node but also squaring Mercury and opposing Saturn. Mars falls in the 5th house, and the ruler of her 5th house is the Moon (who squares Sun and quincunxes Mars).

Kelly has many markers for a diabetic, especially a Type 1 since her Moon seems to be more afflicted, and the Moon rules the pancreas. Given the rest of the aspects, I don’t think she’ll have many problems with her kidneys, it’s the pancreas that’s of most concern. Interestingly, the Moon also rules your stomach, and Kelly also has gastroparesis, a stomach condition. Another interesting thing was the fact that Mars seemed big too, and Kelly also has thyroid problems, which affects your energy levels, and Mars rules your energy.

Kelly was diagnosed in January 1984 as a Type 1 diabetic. At this time, she had Saturn (a malefic) squaring (difficult aspect) her Moon (ruler of the pancreas). Uranus (a malefic) was quincunxing (difficult aspect) her Mars. Neptune (a malefic) was square her sun/moon midpoint, which can be a trigger for significant events in a person’s life. Mars also opposed Neptune and her Sun.

In November 1983, Kelly was mugged, and (apparently) there’s some hypothesis out there that a traumatizing event can act as a trigger. In November, Kelly had Saturn opposing her Sun and Uranus quincunxing her Sun; as I said, the Sun rules the self, so this could have shown a sudden event (Uranus) that shook her sense of security (Saturn). Mars was also conjunct her sun/moon midpoint, planet of aggression/violence. Usually with an act like this, you will see some combination of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto. Whether this was actually a trigger or not I can’t say, but this definitely had a major impact on her.

So once you’ve found triggers/causes astrologically, what do you do? Here are a few options:

1) Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT, is a form of energy therapy where you tap certain points on your body (mainly your head), stimulating an energy shift in your mind/body to achieve whatever it is you want. There are a lot of great videos on YouTube where you can follow along tapping for whatever it is you want. This link is to a video for tapping on a specific health problem. I recommend doing several rounds, the first on general diabetes, and the second on the pancreas or kidneys or both, and any subsequent rounds on other related issues.


2) Self-healing – we’ve all heard stories about people who have cured their own cancer through self-healing. It’s very simple and anyone can do it, but it does take a degree of patience. To do it for yourself, close your eyes and hold out your hands. Ask the universe to help you heal yourself. When you can feel a warmth in the palm of your hand, you’re ready. Place your hands so they’re hovering over the part of your body you need healing and hold them there for as long as you can handle (at least one minute, up to 15). Imagine a golden, warm energy passing into your body and healing you. When done, thank the universe for its help. Do this 1-3 times each day. Generally, you can begin to see results after a couple of weeks, but it may take longer depending on your condition.

3) The mind and emotions have a powerful connection to our bodies, and often a mental or emotional block are the cause of our physical problems. I remember a story from an energy therapist who had a client whose stomach had LITERALLY turned upside down. Doctors couldn’t figure out why. Through energy work and self-healing, his stomach turned right side up. Ever heard of the phrases, “It turned my stomach” or “My stomach turned upside-down?'” That manifested literally for him. Think about what it is being impacted for you physically, and examine what the mental/emotional connection may be. Work on fixing the problem through some form of therapy, traditional or alternative; changing your mental and emotional workings is often daunting, but it’s amazing how improving them improves your health too. With the pancreas, the link tends to be to your emotions; you may be overly emotional, or be too much of a people-pleaser. Sometimes you can go overboard or feel a sadness that’s deeply repressed.

4) Crystals and stones have metaphysical properties that we can use for ourselves. Just as each person has an energy, so does every object, and crystals and stones have been used for millenia to help people. Here’s a list of some:

Amber – used for self-healing; drawns negative energy from the body and transforms it to positive energy

Ametrine – a combination of citrine and amethyst, it also absorbs negative energy, but doesn’t have to be cleansed to keep working; also works on the mind to help restore mental clarity

Blue Apatite – this one helps dieters by curbing your appetite, so this stone would be good for those who have diabetes as a result of weight

Citrine – like Ametrine, it also absorbs energy without needing to be cleansed; is a healing stone

Garnet – removes negative energy from all chakras and allows you to be more committed

Hessonite – removes negative energy and brings feelings of warmth and understanding

Jet – this protects you from negative energy, violence and illness; it’s calming and can help with depression

Kyanite – the easiest for someone unexperienced to use, it requires no cleansing or clearing, and automatically works to balance your chakras

Woods for healing: Juniper, Ash, Spruce, Oak, and especially Eucalyptus

Here’s a couple links on how to use your crystals; you can decide to go with something very thorough, or just do a quick cleansing by running it under water and then keeping the stone with you at all times.



The best suggestion is to consult an astrologer, if you can, and figure out what the astrological/metaphysical causes may be and how to make changes. If you can’t, try to go through your natal chart yourself – there are many resources available now online. Creating a plan to improve yourself energetically and metaphysically and using it to compliment the traditional medical plan you’re already following can help to amplify and speed up results to get a healthier you.  Note: This isn’t so much intended to help “cure” your diabetes (obviously the self-healing example gave cancer, which is something that is curable. This is intended to help ease your symptoms and help you get better control over your body. When we have more control over our bodies, we have more control over ourselves, lives, and have a better chance of creating better futures for ourselves.

If you are interested in getting a reading from Nic or learning more about astrology, you can check out her website and blog at http://thedarkpixie.weebly.com/.
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