Expensive Nightmare


Back in July, I wrote about the two bad lows that I had.  For the first of the two times that I passed out, the EMTs were here but I did not go to the hospital.  By the time that they got here, my blood sugar was starting to come back up and I was feeling better so I did not want to go to the hospital.    The second time, I woke up to find the EMTs over me.  I had apparently been screaming and banging on the walls and my neighbors called 911.  I later found out that there was some question on the part of the police officer that originally came as to whether or not to try and obtain entry.  Fortunately, he did get hold of the manager to come in and when they found me unconscious, they called for the ambulance.

My cousin suggested that I ask the police department if there was a way to have my address marked as someone that has health issues in case something would happen in the future.  I wrote a letter asking if there was a way for me to give permission for them to attempt to gain access if I was not able to respond.  The Chief of Police called and talked to me then he called the 911 center here.  They have my address marked as someone with health issues, but if my neighbor would call like happened that day, it would not come up.  He called me back and said that he would email my letter to all the police officers to alert them should something happen in the future. 

About two weeks ago, I got a form in the mail from the ambulance company to sign and send to my insurance for their non-transported visit and there was a $400 charge.  I signed it and sent it to my insurance company but I am not going to hold my breath that they will pay it. 

I started thinking that I should probably join the ambulance association here so that I don’t have to worry about charges like that.  Where I used to live, if you joined towards the end of the year, you still had to pay again at the beginning of the year.  I thought since January is fast approaching us, I would just wait and join at the beginning of the year.

Last night, I went to bed and a little after 1, I had a night terror and woke up screaming – a night terror is a nightmare that you don’t remember what you dreamt.  I have had those off and on since I was in high school and lately, they are more on than off; I believe the thyroid issues I am currently dealing with are contributing to those.  I rolled over and was trying to go back to sleep and my Dexcom beeped at me.  I looked at that and it said I was 69.  I just put a new sensor on that I calibrated about 11 and lately, they have not been very accurate the first day.  I did not feel low so decided not to bother checking with my meter and rolled over again.

Next thing I know, I heard someone that sounded far off calling Kelly.  I was like oh crap when I realized it was the manager’s voice.  My neighbors heard the scream and called 911.  I told her that I was OK and just had a nightmare.  I could hear her talking to a man so figured the police were here also.  I was trying to put my shoes on as the manager came upstairs – because of my foot, I don’t walk around without shoes on.  She told me that since I was OK, she was going to leave.  I keep a gate in the bedroom doorway so that the dog can’t get out.  I was trying to get out without him coming with me so she was gone by the time I started down the stairs. 

When I got downstairs, there was a police officer in the living room and he asked me about my blood sugar – I kept insisting that I was fine and he told me that there was an ambulance on the way and he would feel better if I let them check my vitals.  I felt like I wasn’t going to have a choice in the matter so I agreed.  He radioed in that the ambulance should come but that it was a non-emergency.  Then of course, I starting wondering what my blood sugar really was since the Dexcom had beeped that I was low. 

I thought he looked like the same officer that was here in July, but since I was still pretty out of it when they took me out of here that day, I was not sure.  He said he thought I was getting a lock box so I knew he at least knew about my letter.  The one I sent for originally did not work out so I do not have one yet.  When the EMTs came in, they asked me a few questions and then went to check my blood sugar.  When the one EMT said that it was 90-something, the police officer told her that when he was here before, it was in the 30s.  I was impressed that he remembered that! 

I am happy that things worked the way they were supposed to work – when my neighbors heard screams, they called 911.  The officer in turn got hold of the manager to get in and also called for an ambulance.  Unfortunately, I can’t see my insurance company paying $400 to have an EMT come because of a nightmare!
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3 thoughts on “Expensive Nightmare

  1. Kelly, the way it is here, they don’t charge unless they treat you. Checking your bg would not be treatment. They put a glucose IV on Michael so that is why they charged for that visit. All of the times that they came when my mom fell, they never charged unless they transported her.

    • I was surprised when I got the bill from them Mary. They had a form to send it to my insurance so I did that – I am not sure that my insurance will pay for it. Since they did the same thing this time that they did the other time, I expect to get another bill. The funny part is that the trip to the ER was 2 days after the Saturday one and they have yet to send me anything for that.

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