Wavesense Presto

Wavesense Presto


I started having some problems with my AccuChek Aviva meter and since I was going to replace it anyway, I thought I would try out the Wavesense Presto.  I have read about Wavesense on message boards and I also asked about good meters to use for calibration in the TuDiabetes Dexcom user group and several people suggested the Presto.  I have pretty much always been an Accu Chek person but am always willing to try something better if a new product comes along.  Last week when it was time to reorder test strips, I had my doctor send a script to the pharmacy for both a new Wavesense Presto and the strips to go with it.

Prior to doing to calling my doctor’s ofice, I also called AgaMatrix, the manufacturers of the Presto, to find out how much getting the cable to transfer my readings to my computer would be.  The software was available to download for free on their website.  I was also told that once I got the meter to give them a call and they would send the cable at no charge.  You can’t beat that.

When I went to pick up the meter and strips, the pharmacist said that the one that they had was sitting on the shelf for awhile and the control solution was about to expire.  I said that it didn’t matter, I can usually get control solution for free.  When I got home and started using the meter, I had several problems.

The biggest problem was accuracy.  Unless I have something on my hands to distort my readings, I can usually count on my Aviva to come up with close readings if I do several back-to-back readings.  I say usually because the Aviva meter I currently have is starting to die and I have been having some problems with it.  The Wavesense Presto was coming back with very big differences between readings.  I also compared the readings to my Aviva reading and the Presto was on average about 20 points higher.  If my blood sugar is running 200, 20 points is not that big of a difference.  However, I like to keep my blood sugar between 70 and 100 so 20 points is a big difference.  One of the comparisons I did between the two meters had the Aviva in the 50s and the Presto in the 80s.  I knew I felt low so that is why I double checked that time.

The backlight also did not work.  Every once in awhile, it would pop on for a second but when it did, it did not stay on very long.  My eyes are not horrible but I do wear reading glasses.  When my blood sugar is low, like other people, I have more difficulty seeing and I need to be able to read those numbers on my meter.

I called AgaMatrix and they sent out a new meter and a box of test strips for me.  The backlight works on this one.  Unfortunately, the readings are still way off.  My Dexcom alerted me that my blood sugar was dropping fast.  When I checked on the Presto, it said that I was 65.  I felt very low and the sweat was starting to roll off of me so I checked on my Aviva – that showed 45 as my reading.  I felt more like 45 than I did 65.  I made the decision at that point I would not be ordering any more Presto test strips but would switch back to the Aviva.  I will go buy a new Aviva meter since my insurance won’t pay for a second meter.  I am also going to buy some Aviva test strips over-the-counter so I can double check any lows and have some good strips for my Dexcom calibrations.  I am glad that in switching pharmacies I only got a one month supply of Presto strips instead of three months.

I am sure that most of us have our favorite reports in whatever software that we use that we look at more than the others.  I don’t necessarily need a lot of fancy reports.  I like to look at my average for the last 30 days and what my standard deviation is.  I also like to be able to look at the detailed reports if I am having a problem.  The Zero-Click software for the Wavesense Presto has a report that will give you your average and standard deviation.

The Wavesense software also has a log book report; however, you have to click on each blood sugar number to see the exact time.  It puts them in columns like the hand-written log books and will put the reading in the appropriate column.  I don’t want to have to sit and click on each number to see what time it was then try to remember the exact time of the reading two clicks before.  Unfortunately when you print out the report, it does not have the time either.  I had to file an appeal to get the Navigator covered.  I am sure at some point in the future, I will have to show my insurance company that I still need the Dexcom.  When I filed my Navigator appeal, I sent a month worth of detailed readings and pointed out how fast my blood sugar either dropped or went up.  I would not be able to do that on this report. Because I am on a Medicare supplemental plan and use more than three test strips a day, I have to provide a detailed log in order to continue to get test strips – the Wavesense software does not provide the information that you need to do that.

I know from reading message boards that some software won’t allow you to delete any readings.  The Wavesense software will not allow you to delete any readings.  The Aviva software will allow you to do that.  I like to watch my standard deviation.  There have been times that I check my blood sugar to see a number like 200 on the meter and have learned the hard way to wash my hands and recheck.  If my blood sugar really was 80, having that 200 in there messes up both my average and the standard deviation so I delete it.  I like having that option.

Up until recently, I really did not care about the size of a meter or its case.  Now that I have the Dexcom receiver, a pump attached to me, the pump remote and an additional meter to carry, I am starting to like smaller stuff.  The Wavesense Presto is smaller than the Aviva and the case is a lot smaller.  So if you are looking for small, the Presto will fit that bill.

On Monday, I am going to get some lab work done that will include a glucose check.  I will take both the Presto and Aviva meters with me to check against the lab.  I had planned on checking the Aviva back in July but ended up having the blood drawn in the ambulance and did not have my meter with me to check.  I will edit this post when I get the results back and post those results at the bottom of this post – if you are interested in the comparison check back in about 2 weeks.

Edited October 2, 2010:  I finally got my lab results today.  My BS was 84 per the lab and 110 per the Wavesense Presto meter.  When I have compared my Aviva, it is always within a couple points of the lab.  Twenty-six points is a little too far off for me to consider a meter accurate.
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