Some Days, You Just Have to Laugh

I swear about every year or so, I have one week that whatever can go wrong does go wrong. Once the week is over, it is smooth sailing from there. I think this week is that week. Nothing major like a car crash or anything, just a lot of annoying little things going wrong.


I guess it sort of started last weekend. When I went over for the mail, there was a letter from the new endo that I switched to for my thyroid. She listed my A1c, blood sugar and cholesterol numbers but just wrote “high” next to the thyroid function. She also wanted me to cut back on my thyroid meds. In light of all the problems that I have had in the past with doctors and test results, I was not about to change anything until I had actual numbers. I had already sent for a copy of the labs from the hospital that I get them drawn at, but that usually takes about 3 weeks for them to process.


I don’t think anything really happened that day – whew!


Monday, I called to get the actual numbers of at least the thyroid results. My Free T4 was 0.89. The lab range is 0.7 – 1.4 and my Free T4 should be about 1.09 to be optimal. That was certainly not high. My Free T3 was 3.18. The lab range for that is 1.71 – 3.71 and you should be in the upper 2/3rds to be optimal. Mine certainly was not high. I had to wait about 5 months to get in with this doctor that was supposed to be good with thyroid. I guess it is back to the drawing board for that. I am anxious to see what some of the other things that she wrote normal next to actually were.

I also called the pharmacy that I am starting to get some pump supplies from. I ordered the Wavesense Presto strips from them last month and don’t like those. I called to make sure that there would not be a problem with my switching back to my Aviva strips (I had been ordering strips from a different supply company). They said no problem so I called my doctor’s office to have them fax a script to them. I had planned on picking those strips up Friday when my 30 days was up.


Tuesday, I went over to get the mail. I had ordered some Opsite Flexifix tape from American Diabetes Wholesale and my package came. The Post Office has a bigger mailbox that they stick packages in. They put the key in your mailbox and once you get your package out, the key won’t come out of the keyhole. I got my package but the key kept coming out. I didn’t really want to leave a key hanging there, but I didn’t want to walk away with it, so I stuck it back in my mailbox. It was gone the next day so I guess the mail lady noticed it.

Also on Tuesday, I cleaned the kitchen rug. I don’t really have any place downstairs to stick my sweeper and rug shampooer and I use that stuff more downstairs than up so I use the half-bath as a little storage place. I emptied the dirty water out of the rug shampooer but left the clean water in the tank.

And even more for Tuesday, I had ordered my thyroid meds from a mail-order pharmacy and they messed up my order so I had to call them to try and get that straightened out.


I use the sink in the half-bath downstairs to wash my hands and when I walked in on Wednesday, my foot slipped like the floor was wet but it didn’t really look wet.

It was a faily quiet day – I think it was the calm before the storm!


Thursday, I was in the shower and I could hear the phone ring. When I checked my messages, it was the pharmacy and she said that there was a problem getting approval from my insurance for the strips but she had another option for me. When I called her back, I found out that it wasn’t really an approval problem but her costs would be more than what my insurance would pay her for them – I totally understand her not wanting to order them. Roche apparently has a program that she would be able to get them at the same price my insurance paid, but unfortunately, I did not qualify for that. She offered me a free Freestyle meter and she would be able to get me those strips – I said no, after my experience with the Navigator, I will never use an Abbott product again.

I then called the company I used to order strips from and placed an order with them. I was really sweating because I am almost out of strips and I can’t afford to keep buying strips out of pocket when I have insurance coverage for them. It normally takes 3-5 days to get your order from them. That night, I got an email from UPS with a tracking number from the supply company. When I looked at the tracking information, nothing was showing last night.

On Thursday, I also called the supply company that I ordered the Animas pump cartridges from. They also carry the Dexcom sensors and I needed to get that order started. They told me that my doctor never sent the C-peptide so they could not release the pump supplies. I had talked to the nurse at the doctor’s office a week before about the form that they sent so there was no reason the supply company should not have it.

I called the doctor’s office as soon as I got off the phone from the supply company and talked to the nurse. The form was still sitting on the doctor’s desk. He was only in for an hour that day so she would give it to him the next day to sign. She told me not to worry, it would get sent in on Friday. Don’t worry she says – I am literally on my last cartridge.

Thursday, I walk into the half-bath and slip again – this time, the floor was soaking wet and the rug was soaking wet. At first, I though the sink was leaking then realized, it was the rug shampooer – the tank was empty!

Thursday night, I took the dog out before going to bed and my door would not lock. The ground around here is soft and we have problems with the building shifting. Luckily, I have a security bar that I bought for a sliding glass door I once had and it also fits under the door knob.


I check the UPS tracking number first thing, the strips are showing as out for delivery. They are always fast, but I have never, ever had my order the next day in the three years I have been using that company. Lady luck was certainly looking out for me on that one!

I went to download my pump and when I opened the software, it came up like the database was empty and I had to re-enter my pump serial number to get into the software. That was the program that actually started the computer crash last month. I knew I had downloaded the pump settings and printed them out after I reinstalled everything to my computer. I checked my Animas file and they were there – I wasn’t hallucinating. What happened to my data file for the second time, I have no clue. The first time, Nero changed all the files to some Nero video files. Then I discovered even a bunch of my Windows files had been changed and when I tried to run the recovery program, I lost everything.

I probably should have quit when I was ahead. I had this typed up but needed to proof it before posting it. I had a couple things I needed to get done, and before I got back to proofing it, the supply company called to let me know they were still waiting on the C-peptide test from my doctor. That was at 1:15 PM. I then called the doctor’s office and she said it was being faxed then. Cross my fingers here!

Then I went over for the mail and the invoice came for the copies of the medical records for the last round of blood work that I had. The hospital uses a third-party service to process them and you can pay by credit card and download them. The invoice was almost $20 and said it was for 14 pages. I know they took a lot of blood that time, but 14 pages worth of tests? I paid the fee, downloaded the records then printed them out. I have five pages of “pending” test results that basically just had the test name and pending. At a charge of $1.32 a page, I paid $6.60 to see pending. I called the company that processes the records and said I know this is not your fault, but since you are the one that took my money, I will start with you. The woman that I talked to pulled them up and could see what I was talking about. Unfortunately, she could not give me an answer but promised me that she will call me back.

I am thinking I should just turn my computer off, take the phone off the hook and stay in bed until Monday! But if I do that, I will probably wake up to EMTs or cops in my bedroom. But the good news is, I can ride it out for a couple more days and all my bad luck is behind me for awhile – sometimes, it is better coming in waves to get it all over with at once!

And again before I could get this posted, the UPS guy came – 33 boxes of Aviva test strips. Right kind, right amount! Looking good!

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