Animas Webinars

When I first got my pump and was a little frustrated with some of the problems I was having with infusion sets, someone in the Animas group at TuDiabetes told me about the Webinars that Animas has for pump users.  She said that she had never heard of them before.  Probably if it was not for her, I would never have heard of them either.   There was actually one scheduled for the evening that I first heard about them, but the person you needed to contact had an out-of-office reply on her email.  Although she did have an alternate contact, I did not contact the alternate.  She did contact me the next day and forwarded my message to the clinical manager Animas had assigned to my area, who in turn helped me with some of the problems I was having.  That clinical manager recently emailed me the schedule for upcoming webinars so I decided to sign up for two.  I participated in the first one this morning so thought I would share that here.

First, to find the schedule for webinars, go to  Put your mouse over “Community” and a sub-menu will drop down.  On the right side of that drop-down menu, you will see “Events” and below that “Find events in your area” with a drop down box to select your state.  The ones labeled “Webinar” in the location column are the online ones.   Depending on your area, there may or may not be actual live meetings.  If you click on the name in the “Category” column, you can find more details about it and the contact person to register is listed under “Contact.”   Just send them an email and they will sign you up for the ones you would like to do with a code how to join the meeting.  The nice thing is that they have them scheduled in the evenings so you don’t have to worry about missing work if you want to participate.  I selected one that starts at 8:30 AM, but they also had that same webinar starting at 8:15 PM or 10:30 PM Eastern time.  They have a nice variety of times to fit all schedules! 

The webinar that I participated in this morning was “Infusion Set and Site Success.”  The webinar uses a combination of Microsoft Live Meeting and a conference call.  There was only one other person scheduled for my time but she did not join the meeting so it was just me and the speaker.  I had picked the time that my area clinical manager was the speaker for so she was already familiar with some of the problems that I had when I first started using the pump.

The “Infusion Set and Site Success” webinar was mostly basic information, but it was worth participating in.  It would definitely be worth participating in even prior to actually starting the pump start at the very beginning of pump use.  They listed available infusion sets not only available from Animas, but also other companies.  They discussed the differences between the Teflon sets and steel sets, as well as straight sets and angled sets.  What areas of your body you can use was discussed, as well as tubing length.  They also discussed various products to use if you have trouble getting your set to stick. 

Although most of what was discussed were things I already knew, I did learn something.  They said to clean your skin using a circular pattern from the inside out.  That way, you are not moving germs around.  Another thing that was discussed I had actually just read about the other day.  When you replace a bad site, you should leave the old set in place for about 2-3 hours to allow the insulin to absorb in.  When I have a bad site, I always just yank it out. 

I am signed up for an advanced pump features webinar at the end of the month.  Although I am leery about using the combo bolus with gastroparesis, I do think it will be a good webinar to participate in.
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