Happy Halloween!

I am sure that I don’t need to tell anyone that Sunday is Halloween.  Halloween is the beginning of a series of holidays that can be tough for diabetics – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Hanukah) and New Years, all of which fall in a two month period.  Everyone has their own way of dealing with the holidays, some more successful than others.  It can be pretty tough when everywhere you go, people are pushing food at you.

I don’t have kids but I always buy candy to hand out for Halloween.  When I was working, I would wait until the day of trick-or-treat and stop at the grocery store after work to pick up my candy.  Then I would take any leftovers to work the next day to get rid of.  Now that I can’t drive, I have to plan ahead and can’t wait until the last minute to get candy.  But the good part is, my sister brings my nephew at the end of trick-or-treat so I can send leftover candy home with her.  Less temptation!

What will be different this year is that it is my first year with both a CGMS and a pump so when I “test” the candy to make sure it is acceptable to hand out, I will be able to be very precise with my dosing and also know right away if it worked or not.  Even better, Pam on the ADA board posted two sheets with carb counts of popular candy.  My Ping remote also has a food database so I guess I should look at what candy they have in their food list when I get my candy and update my remote to include the candy that will need sampled.   Besides being able to dose precisely, I will know the exact amount of carbs in each sample I try.  Here is the link if you want to check that out (the Joslin one has more candy on their list):


Enjoy your Halloween and remember to check those carbs!
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