The Big Blue Test

  November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  The Big Blue Test is part of the Diabetes Hand Foundation.  You can check out their website at

To be part of the Big Blue Test, at 2:00 PM on November 14th, test your blood sugar.  Then you are asked to do 14 minutes of activity.  If you have physical limitations that prevent you from doing exercise, please do not do this step.  Check your BS again after you exercise for those 14 minutes.  Post your BS on, or on the several other sites participating on that day.  If you have a Twitter account, post your readings on Twitter (use the #bigblue hashtag) and link back to:  (that previous sentence was written by Manny Hernandez as posted on the TuDiabetes Big Blue Group!).   You can also post pics of your meter readings – a picture is worth a 1000 words!

Besides doing the Big Blue Test on November 14th, the Big Blue Test team has a video on YouTube.  Roche Diabetes Care will contribute insulin to children in need for each click on that video.  The Big Blue Team is made up of the Diabetes Hand Foundation, David Edelman of Diabetes Daily, and Riva Greenberg of Diabetes Stories.  As you know, insulin is a necessity for diabetes so this is a very worthy cause.  The video is less than 2 minutes, so please take a few minutes out of your day to watch it and send the link to everyone that you know asking them to watch it also.

You can find the video at YouTube at:

Besides being such a great cause, the video is actually really good and has a very catchy tune.  I even purchased the song from Itunes after seeing Manny tweet to someone who the group was.  If you read some of the comments on YouTube, FatCatAnna from Diabetes1 recognized some of the participants in the video.  When I watched it, I of course recognized Manny Hernandez and Andreina Davila of TuDiabetes but did not recognize NinjaBetic (sorry George!) and the others.  I guess I should have had coffee before watching it!

So, please watch the video and ask all your friends to watch it to.  Keep spreading it via email, Facebook, Twitter and every other way that you know how to spread it.

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