Tsk Tsk

I read an article on Dlife by Michelle Alswager that I thought was funny, but unfortunately, true.  Here is the link for you to read her article entitled “A Tale of Two Meters.”


The article is about star athletes that have two different meters.  They have one that is called the “golden” meter that they use to test when they know that their blood sugar will return a good number.  The other meter is for all the other times that they test – when they know their BS will be high or low.  When they have an appointment with their endocrinologist, they take the golden meter to their appointment for their endo to download.  That way, they don’t get the “tsk, tsk” from their endo seeing any bad readings.

I don’t have a golden meter, but I have stopped showing any readings at my appointments.  I swear if you have 1,000 BS readings and only have 3 bad ones in that group of readings, doctors have x-ray vision that can immediately focus on those 3 bad readings.  They don’t seem to notice that the rest of the readings are really good.  My Aviva software has a Target Range Report that has a nice pie-chart.  I stopped giving detailed readings and thought the pie-chart would work better.  I would hand my doctor this nice little colored pie-chart showing what percent you were in range.  It didn’t seem to matter that you could spend most of your time in range but if you had 1% hypo, he had to comment on that.  I gave up and just quit sharing anything!

I used to laugh at my aunt.  Her doctor would want her to call in several days of readings.  She would call in readings, but she would make up numbers.  I thought why bother.  If you want the doctor to actually help, making up readings is not going to do any good.  Plus, if your A1c is “off” and that is the reason for them wanting you to call in readings, the doctor is going to know you are making stuff up. 

I am sure there are doctors out there that don’t do the “tsk tsk” thing, but I sure haven’t met any.  Actually, I did have one but he knew that I did not want to hear his comments.  I went to a new endo and their new patient package had said to bring your meter with you.  Well, I had my meter but I always download my meter and erase what is on it every morning.  All that was on my meter was that days readings.  He asked me and I told him why I did not like to share readings.  He asked me to email some to him and he did not say much when he looked at them – at least he did not do the tsk tsk!

In September, I saw a new endork that was supposed to be good with thyroid.  She did not seem very interested in my thyroid and only wanted to talk BS.  She went thru the copies of the labs that I had brought with me and made a comment that my A1c was very good.  But as soon as we started actually talking details about the things that I did because of gastroparesis, she made me feel like back in the days when I was having problems with my BS bouncing around because of the gastroparesis and everyone seemed to think I must be causing it.   She did not like the fact that I was on Apidra.   Several times when I tried to explain to the way I do things because of gastroparesis, she would just get this smirk on her face. 

A lot of us try hard to keep on target but I don’t think that there are too many of us that are perfect.  I know I am not!  I work very hard to try and keep things in range but sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  I don’t need to be criticized when things don’t work the way they are supposed to.  Try seeing the stuff that does work. 

My daily reminder to watch the Big Blue Test video on YouTube!


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