The Sad State of Doctors

I have been trying to find a good PCP and not having much luck.  I already travel to Pittsburgh to see specialists so thought I may as well do that for a PCP also since I did not seem to be having much luck around where I live.

Someone I talked to online moved to Pittsburgh and was looking for doctors.  She also has thyroid problems.  I had given her the name of the endo that I went to in September.  When I gave her the name, I had not seen this endo and could only go by what I had heard about her.  Because there was such a long wait to get in, she decided to see one of the other doctors in that group.  She was not very happy with the other doctor and was waiting to see how I made out with the one I had an appointment with.  I did not like the endo and decided I was not going to go back. 

This woman was given several doctors names by a compounding pharmacy that were supposedly good with thyroid.  One of the names that she had been given was a doctor that practiced at the hospital I went to for my foot.  I have seen several doctors associated with that hospital and have been pretty happy with them so thought I would make an appointment with her. She is an internist, so if she worked out, I would use her as my PCP.  I had my appointment with her yesterday. 

I guess I was given a clue what the doctor would be like when the nurse took me back to an exam room.  She was reviewing my medical history and told me that she is hypothyroid but never heard of Hashimotos.  I had copies of my labs with me.  The doctor could not seem to get past the fact that my TSH is very low.  I told her that it is my understanding that is typical of people on desiccated thyroid meds.  I told her that it was also very low when my Free T4 was not even in range.  She then asked me if anyone had lowered my meds because my TSH was so low.  I said no, I had them raised because my Free T4 was not in range. 

The past 2 weeks, I have not been feeling great so I tried to discuss that with her thinking I would have better luck with that.  That was like talking to a brick wall.  She did give me a slip to get some blood work and I decided to go ahead and get that done.

After I left there, I had an appointment for my foot.  The doctor I see for my foot is one that I met when I did HBO.  He is a GP but specializes in wounds.  I would really like to have him as my PCP but he wants his practice to be wounds and doesn’t really want to deal with all the other stuff.  We started talking and I said that I feel like because I have health problems, doctors seem to think it is OK to just let me die.  I did tell him that I don’t include him in that statement! 

What he said next really surprised me.  He said that he hears that same thing 3 or 4 times a week from his patients.  He said that he has also noticed a big difference the last few years in attitudes of doctors that he interacts with.  He even added that he hopes that he never gets sick.

I don’t know if this is just Pennsylvania, or a growing trend.  I know that I have already called several places to try and make a new patient appointment and was asked about health problems and medicines before they would make an appointment.  They had to then ask the doctor if they would see me.  I was told by one group that they did not want me as a patient.  I guess they only want healthy patients. 

In the meantime, I will keep looking!  But please, watch the Big Blue Test video. Tomorrow is the last day and the goal of 100,000 views has not been met yet.  Even if you have watched it 10 times already, please watch it again!

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2 thoughts on “The Sad State of Doctors

  1. Kelly,

    Unfortunately, finding competent doctors is challenging for more patients than anyone dares to think about. I became disabled at 50 because many doctors failure to diagnose an internal blockage and anaerobic bacterial infection. Now taxpayers are supporting me and I still haven’t been able to find a practicing doctor who knows anything about anaerobic bacterial infections. I did find that practicing doctors’ avoidance of anaerobic infections is a big bone of contention with research doctors as well. For more see

    I wish you much luck on your quest for competent medical care.


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