I Am A Lefty

And you know, only left handed people are in their right minds!

Today is day 13 of NaBloPoMo and yes, I am running out of ideas.  We are allowed to do picture posts on the weekends so I thought I would post a picture of my left handed clock!

My sister bought me this clock one year for Christmas.  Her & her husband had gone to New England and found it in a clock store.  I don’t think the store is in business anymore, or at least their website does not exist anymore if they are still in business.  The name of the store was Get Clocked in Bar Harbor Maine. 

After she gave it to me, I needed a clock for my spare bedroom because I had my treadmill and computer in there. I decided to order another one.  I ended up buying two so I could have one for my office at work.  When I changed jobs, someone I worked with had a husband that was left handed and saw my clock in my box when I was packing my stuff up.  She really wanted to get one for her husband so I gave her mine since I still had two at home.

I lived in Mechanicsburg when she gave it to me and I had it in the corner in the living room above my stereo stand.  I also had a nice chime clock on another wall (that clock ended up getting broke in the move).  My stereo was on the same wall as the TV and the chime clock was behind my sofa so when I was in the living room, I would see the left handed clock more than the regular clock.  One day after the times had changed, I walked into the living room and saw the time on the chime clock and noticed that the time on the left handed clock was different.  I walked back into the kitchen to see what the actual time was and thought the batteries had died in one of the clocks.  When I walked back into the living room, I realized that batteries had not died in either clock, but I had set the regular clock with the “left handed” time.


Besides telling time left handed, I mostly just write and eat left handed.  I guess growing up in a right handed world, I learned to do a lot of things right handed.  Someone I worked with once asked me why I had my adding machine on the right side of my desk if I was left handed.  I realized that I really learned to use the 10-key pad on a computer keyboard and that is on the right side of the keyboard. 

Yesterday, I screwed up and said that “tomorrow is the last day.”  Today is tomorrow and tomorrow is actually the last day.  And yes, my blood sugar is low so I am allowed to write that!  I keep thinking Saturday is the 14th for some reason even though I know it is Sunday.  So please watch the Big Blue Test video one last time!  We are at 98,600 views as I copied the link so we can reach 100,000 views.  Please help make that happen!


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