Big Blue Test Results

Today is the Big Blue Test day and I did my first reading at 2:00 PM.  For my activity, I decided to take the dog for a walk so that he could also help participate in the Big Blue Test.  I am sure that he was very glad that I did not try to test his blood sugar!  And the walk definitely sounded better than the bath I told him he was going to get this afternoon!

I will post pictures below but in case you did not realize, November 14th is the birthday of Frederick Banting.  Banting was the Banting of “Banting & Best,” the two whose ideas led to the discovery of insulin.  2:00 PM is the 14th hour of the 14th, so there is a play on the number 14 here.

Pictures tell the story with a little narration on my part!

In trying to get organized before the big time hits, I thought I would take a pic of my shoe.  Maybe not Blue Suede Shoes, but they have blue in.  I am glad I did a test shot because I discovered when I changed the batteries in my camera, I forgot to change the AM/PM setting on the time.  Fixed that problem!


Right after I took the pic of the shoe, it started to rain.  Don’t they know it is Big Blue Test day?  Didn’t they get Manny’s press release?  About 1:30, I started feeling low. I guess it is going to be one of those days!  I checked and I was 67.  Normally, I would only use one glucose tablet for a 67, but wanted to make sure my BS was not low at 2:00 PM, so I had 5 glucose tablets!  I cancelled my combo bolus and put in a temp basal.  I am sure I over-treated but I did not want to mess up the Big Blue Test by being low.

My blood sugar at 2:00 PM – my Dexcom has been off today, and since it is raining, it gets to stay home.

The dog is ready to go and his blue leash & harness is just a coincidence:

Here is an attempt to take a picture of the time on my pump as we start out:

Where we are heading:

Made it to the bottom and now we are going to do the loop around:

We did the loop, now we get to go back up the hill.  Maybe this doesn’t look like a big hill to you, but don’t forget, I have neuropathy and use a walker so it is a big hill for me!

Made it back to the top!  Here is another attempt at the time on my pump. Didn’t come out too good but you can tell from the time stamp on my pics, I was gone 14 minutes!  That actually worked out!

Unfortunately, the dog really needs a bath now walking in the drizzle!

Made it back inside and another BS check:

Maybe I didn’t overdo it with the glucose tablets. 

See you all next year!
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