The Day the Lights Went Out

Thursday morning, my blood sugar was running low and I put off getting my shower until about 11 so I didn’t drop low in the shower.  I was only in the shower for a couple minutes when all of a sudden, the lights went out.  About the same time that the lights went out, I heard what sounded like something getting knocked over.  All I could think about was the shower scene from Psycho! 

Because my balance is so bad from the neuropathy, I use a shower chair.  I sat there for a minute before I turned the water off and pulled the shower curtain back.  Everything was quiet.  My dog wasn’t growling at anything so I figured the noise was just a fluke.

I got dressed and went downstairs to call the power company.  Since it was daylight, it was hard to tell if I was the only person with power problems.  Right after I moved in here, the main breaker went and I was the only person with a problem so I know that happens.  I picked up the phone and no dial tone – I have the phone service from the cable company.  Even though the modem is powered by electricity, it has a battery backup and the phone will work for awhile if the power goes out.  I got my cell phone and called the number to report a power outage.  I no sooner hung up and the lights came back on.  The lights were on, but no cable. 

I went back upstairs to dry my hair – at least I could do that.  I wasn’t too concerned about not having cable.  I don’t watch TV during the day and I had a cell phone if I needed to make a call.  I had things I wanted to do anyway so not having internet would keep me away from the computer for the afternoon. 

I came downstairs and it was about noon so I thought I may as well get some lunch.  I took my insulin for lunch and went in the kitchen to start getting lunch ready. I reset the clock on the microwave and put some water in to make tea.  My dog didn’t want to eat breakfast that morning and I had put his bowl in the fridge.  I thought I would see if he wanted to eat so got that out.  I was sitting in the kitchen with him because my cat likes to try and steal his food – I guess dog food tastes better than cat food.  Next thing I know, the lights go out again. 

I usually cook up hamburgers and freeze them then microwave one for lunch.  I had that sitting on the counter waiting for my water to heat up.  I decided to cancel my TAG extended bolus for the protein and fat in the burger since I didn’t know how long the power would be out.  The only thing I had bloused for with the regular bolus that I couldn’t heat up was a slice of cheese.  I should be safe for the regular bolus.  I went ahead and got the part of my lunch that did not require electricity.

After I ate, I thought I would call the power company again.  This time, there was a message that the power should be back on about 2.  That wasn’t too bad.

Since there wasn’t much I could do without electricity, I thought I would sit down and read for awhile.  That proved harder than what it should be because it kept getting darker and it was getting hard to see.  I was starting to get hungry.  I wanted to wait until I could heat up my hamburger but at the same time, I don’t like eating meat too late in the day with gastroparesis.  Besides being hungry, I was getting cold.  It was about 37 degrees out and starting to get a little on the cold side inside.  It was after 2.

Then I looked at my Dexcom and saw the one bar left on the battery icon.  Crap!  I remembered I was going to plug it in when I first got up, but since my blood sugar had been running low, I decided to wait.  Lesson learned:  when your Dexcom battery needs charged, do it because you might not be able to later!  My graph did not look too bad for a messed up lunch.  Maybe I should quit eating hamburger.  I figured I would take a picture since I needed to do something for entertainment. 

Finally about 2:30, the lights came on – I had left several lights on so I would know when the power came back on.  I walked over and saw that all the lights on the modem box were now flashing so my cable was back also. 

I never did hear what caused the outage – I am guessing someone hit something that caused both cable and electricity to go out.  Although I did not have a very productive day, it did give me one more thing to write about.  Day 20 of NaBloPoMo and only 10 more to go!
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