The Flatliners Club

Danny on TuDiabetes always comes up with the neatest ideas.  He recently started the Flatliners Club for CGMS users.  Most of us work hard at trying to keep our BS in check.  As most of us also realize, that can be a challenge to do because there are so many things besides food that throw our BS off.  Danny started the Flatliners Club to share our successes and hopefully, some tips on how we did it. 

The idea is to have a fairly flat-line on your CGMS without going above or below the lines that mark your target.  You post a picture of your CGMS screen showing your flatline.  He has the discussions grouped by period of time shown on the CGMS.  Danny even started a discussion “Rocky Mountains” for the times we go to the other extreme.  I could post lots of those kinds of pics!

You can check out the group here:

I have found since starting the TAG system (Danny also started that group), my lines are getting much better.  Although my three hour trends are looking much better, I have not been able to make it up to the next notch of six hours. 

This picture was from last Thursday when the power went out just as I was fixing lunch.  Even with stuff going wrong, my BS stayed pretty good.  The gap at the beginning was from my being in the shower and then I went downstairs in a hurry without my Dex.

This picture was also from Thursday, but taken about 11 PM that night.  I expected my lines to be totally messed up that night.  My lunch was messed up and I had a hamburger at almost 3 after my power came back on.  I was still hungry when I ate my normal dinner, so I made another hamburger.  Because of the gastroparesis, things like hamburger can be just as challenging as pizza is for some people.  It is not good for people with gastroparesis to eat protein like that with dinner because of the slow digestion.   Although I would have been happier if my BS was not running so close to 120 all evening, it still was a flatline.  This picture technically would not qualify for the Flatliners Club because I have my high range set at 120 and I went over the line right before this picture was taken.  It was actually the Dexcom alerting me that my BS was high that made me notice that I had flatlined.   Regardless of whether or not it fits the criteria of the Flatliners Club, I thought it was picture worthy!


This next one was taken Friday about an hour after lunch.  I came close to going over the line but managed to stay under.


You would think since I posted 3 pictures totaling 9 hours in a 24 hour period that most of that period was like that.  Well, guess again, I am in the Rocky Mountain club also.

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