Making Custom Christmas Mailing Labels

Last year, I had a hard time finding Christmas mailing labels so I decided to try and make my own this year. It was easier than I ever thought. Had I known how easy it was, I would have done this a long time ago!

I have an older version of Microsoft Word, so my steps might be slightly different than yours, but I am sure that you can figure out the differences.

From the Tools menu, select Letters & Mailings.

Then select Envelopes & Labels.

Click on the Labels tab.

Click on Options to select the size of labels that you are using. For the sample I am showing here, I used Avery mailing labels 8160. You get 30 labels per sheet. That works for my return address label but I needed a larger label for the recipient addresses. I bought Avery shipping labels 48863 to do those on. There are 10 labels per sheet on those (2” x 4”). A little larger than I wanted, but I could not find something in between the two sizes.

Once you select your label size, click on New Document. That will make a Word document with the labels outlined. Copy your addresses (or type them if you are starting from scratch) into the label.

You can use an actual picture you have or you can find a lot of different Christmas gifs on the web. Once you decide on the picture that you want, select Insert, Picture, from File. Don’t panic when it starts moving your lettering around!

If you don’t have the picture format menu, right click the picture and select Format Picture.

Click on Size and change the height to a hair smaller than the label size – the width will change automatically with the height.

Click on Layout. I found that Square seems to work best for me, but you might like one of the other options better. When you select square, the picture goes to the right side of the label. Click on the picture and drag it to where you want it on the label. You might need to also slightly adjust the position of the wording in your label.

When I made my labels, I copied the same picture onto the other labels. For some reason, when I hit paste, the picture went to a different label, but I just pulled it to where I wanted. I thought I could have one setup and copy that whole label into a new label, but it did not work that way!

I am using the waving Santa in my labels this year but thought I would put a couple other pictures in to show you. I also threw in a picture of me just to show that you can put any picture in your label!

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