Vacation Time

I finally made it to day 30 of National Blog Posting month.  I am not sure how I made it because it has been a very hectic month even without trying to write something every day.  But I made it!  The hardest part was trying to come up with ideas of stuff to write about. 

This time of year is always my favorite time of year because it is when I put my village up.  I traditionally start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  This year, I wanted to have my tree up by Thanksgiving, but that did not quite work out.  It takes about a week to put my village up so that it what I am working on now.  I have my village on the floor around my Christmas tree.  I have a bunch of 2 x 2’s and several shelves I saved from bookcases I was getting rid of.  I try to make sure that I have the tree in a spot that the boards will fit how I want before I put too much of the tree together (little easier to move!).  I cover the boards with a layer of felt before putting the snow down.  The woman that cuts my hair told me that she used to put her aunt’s village up for her and she would put colored lights under the snow.  Last year, I put some colored lights under the snow for the section that I have my palace and thought it came out pretty good so will continue to do that.  This year, I bought some black felt to make a starry night background – we will see how that looks when everything is finished!

Then comes the fun part – getting the houses out.  I don’t put everything in the same place every year, but there are some things that I do group together.  I have several of the multi-house light sets so after I have all the houses out, I make sure that I have 20 houses and another 6 houses that can go on those light sets.  I have several houses that have a special cord so they need to be in a place they won’t get hooked to the multi-unit light sets.  The year I first bought the 20 unit light set, I blew a fuse and had to wait a couple days to get to the store.  I would be sitting in the living room watching TV and decide “this house would look better next to this one” and was moving stuff around.  Now I make it a habit to always wait a day before putting the lights in for that very reason. 

The next step is to put the trees out.  I take Gorilla tape and tape them to make sure that they stand up, I then take some pieces of snow to put around them to hide the tape.   I also take pieces of snow to try and cover up light cords – but even if I think I have them all, I always manage to see some in the pictures!

Once all the trees are in place, I start working on the people.  Some of the houses come with people so they are already in the vicinity of that house.  Most of them don’t come with people, but some people go with certain houses – the firemen go with the firehouse, the coal guy goes with the coal house, etc.  I put those people out before I start working on the “homeless” people!  I even have the village dogs & cats, so they have to find a home also.

When the people are all in place, we are coming down the home stretch!  I put walls around the outside of the village.  I use museum putty to attach the walls to the boards.  When I lived near Harrisburg, I always went to Kathies Christmas for the majority of my village stuff.  They always had beautiful displays.  The year I bought my walls, Charlie, the guy that does the displays for Kathie, waited on me.  He asked what I had planned for the walls and when I told him, he recommended the museum putty.  He said that is what he used on the displays there so I have been using that ever since. 

Right now, I am up to my ears in building a village and since I managed to meet my 30 days for NaBloPoMo, I am going to take a little break from the blog and concentrate on my village.  Once I finish the village, I will have pics to put up, but probably won’t be posting much until after Christmas unless something exciting happens.  This was my living room before dinner last night.  As you can see, I have a ways to go yet!

In the meantime, if you want to take a look at last year’s village, here is the YouTube link for that:

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