Evening With Santa

The community I live in had an Evening With Santa last night for the kids.  You were allowed to invite other relative’s kids that don’t live here so my sister brought my nephew Brandon. 

Brandon is 7 and had Downs.  He has a little bit of a stubborn streak in him (not sure where he would get that from!).  If he asks you a question, he will keep asking the same question until you give him the answer he wants to hear.  If you keep repeating the same answer, he will tell you no and ask again.  When you ask him a question, he won’t change his answer either.

Each kid that was there was called up to Santa and Santa would talk to them about what they wanted for Christmas.  They were then given a present.  When Santa asked Brandon what he wanted, he said Woody.  I later found out that Woody is a character from Toy Story.  Santa asked Brandon what else he wanted for Christmas and all he would say was Woody.  When they tried to give him the present, he said he did not want it.  I guess he thought if he told Santa what he wanted, he was going to get Woody!

It was funny to watch some of the real little kids.  When their names were called, they would take one or two steps then turn around and grab onto Mom or Dad – they wanted nothing to do with Santa. 

They also had crafts set up for the kids to do and they made little cardboard stockings with a magnet on the back to stick on the fridge.

Luckily a couple kids that registered did not show up.  One couple brought another little girl with their daughter and her name was not called since she wasn’t registered.  One of the women helping noticed she had not been called up and looked kind of sad so they were able to get her on Santa’s lap and a gift. 

They had some cookies and juice for the kids.  I asked Brandon if he wanted a cookie and when we were on the way over to where they had the cookies, he saw some guy with a bag of Cheetos and decided that is what he wanted.  Fortunately, they still had some of those left. 

It was a fun night and Brandon had a good time.  Since he can’t read my blog, I can say that he will be one very happy little boy on Christmas because grandma bought him Woody.
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