Harassment, Stalking and Cyberstalking

When I did HBO for my foot, I made the mistake of becoming friends with one of the other patients.  He is not someone I would have normally had as a friend, but I was going thru a very bad period at the time and concerned that I was going to lose my leg.  I had quit my job, moved away from where I had lived for almost 20 years and moved in with my mother while I applied for disability.  I went from having a job with a lot of responsibility and working long hours to sitting around and not having much to do.  I was desperate for anyone to talk to and made some poor choices as friends.   I can’t really explain why I did not cut contact with him sooner other than I felt sorry for him.

The weekend of the Super Bowl, he started sending me a bunch of annoying emails. I was not in the mood for his crap, so I told him to stop and that he was getting on my nerves.  He continued to send emails so I blocked his emails from getting thru. Then he started phoning me and he called about 5 times in a half hour period so I blocked his phone number. 

Now he started harassing me thru my blog.  I have my comments set up that you need approval before they get posted so they are not getting approved and his comments will never be approved. He sent two messages using one of the doctor’s names that was at the wound center we went to.  He entered the actual web address of the hospital but misspelled the doctor’s name.  He subscribed to my blog and unfortunately, I am not able to block his subscription without blocking everyone.  Today I have received three messages thru the contact Kelly field.   Apparently, he does not realize that in order to leave a comment or contact me, WordPress collects the IP address and sends that information to me.

Last week, my sister suggested filing a police report and I was reluctant to do that.  At this point, I know that the only way that he will leave me alone is for me to file a police report against him.  I contacted AOL and their terms of service violations department and provided the emails I received from WordPress with the IP address and his comments. I should have filed a police report this morning but had started moving stuff around in my living room so did not want to have a police officer coming in at that point.  I am ready to file the police report now and they can handle the problem from here.
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4 thoughts on “Harassment, Stalking and Cyberstalking

  1. I truly believe you have to fight back yourself. My story is posted. Game over, I win. Please read. (Actually I just noticed you & I are using the same WP theme! I will change mine since you were here first. 🙂

    • Thanks Rose – I did read your story. Sounds like you have a mess going on also.

      Don’t change your theme because we have the same one. With all the WordPress users, I am sure tons of us are using this same theme. This is my 3rd one and I am sure when another nice one comes along, I will change again.

  2. Hoping that everything works out well for you Kelly. That is pretty scary that someone do this. I have never had this done to me in my blogs – but have had similar things in emails and on Facebook – but luckily it stopped – but was not very pleasant at all. Try not to let them win in making you worry – that’s what I tell myself – but sometimes it’s hard to set aside those thoughts.

    • Thanks Anna! I had someone I used to work with do it to me via email before. I am not going to let him win! I will be filing a police report so he will realize I am not playing games. I guess he is stupid enough to think I could not trace the messages since they came thru my blog.

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