Funny Searches

WordPress gives a listing of what search terms people used to land on your blog.  At the end of the year, WordPress sent a summary about my blog and I had more searches on foot wound pictures than anything else. I think gastroparesis came in second.  Some of the searches are pretty funny and I am not sure why they even landed on my blog – I guess just one word in their search landed them here.  I was saving some screen shots of some of them to do an article with, but my computer died about a week ago and I lost those.

One of my favorites was “what does a diabetic look like?”  I didn’t know that we were supposed to look special, but I guess we do.  I guess the fastest way to find out what a diabetic looks like is to log into TuDiabetes and take a look – we come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  Some of are old, some of us are middle age, some of us are teenagers and some of us are little kids.   We could be sitting next to you someplace and unless you see the tubes hanging out of some of us or we start beeping, you probably would not even know we were diabetic.

The other day, someone was looking for “is blood difficult to digest?”  My blog is the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic, not the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Vampire.  I know I have mentioned blood frequently because of testing blood sugar and I have talked about digestion issues since I have gastroparesis, but I have not talked about those two things together.  I really know nothing about digesting blood!  I know some people apparently like to lick the blood off their finger after they test their blood sugar, but is that really enough blood to have to digest?  I really, really hope that is all they were trying to figure out!

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