In Memory of My Friend Dave

Yesterday afternoon, I found out that my friend Dave died early Saturday morning. Dave had been battling cancer. I mentioned Dave in the I Choose To Live  article.

Dave and I used to work together. He was always joking around and had a very good sense of humor. When I was going thru my foot stuff, he was also going thru stuff for cancer.  He felt like I was dealing with more than what he had to and I thought the same about him – I think we helped get each other thru what we were dealing with. I know he certainly helped me.  I haven’t seen Dave in person since I moved the summer of 2005, but we have kept in touch and I will miss him.

Yesterday afternoon right after Dave’s daughter sent the email to let everyone know that Dave had died, Amazing Grace by Il Divo came up in ITunes. I had never heard of Il Divo until Dave forwarded a link to a YouTube video once – the song he forwarded was Amazing Grace. Dave mentioned how much he liked Il Divo and had several of their CDs. I have over 3,000 songs on my computer and only 5 of those are Il Divo. It seemed like more than a coincidence that song just happened to play then.

I thought that Il Divo’s Amazing Grace would be a good video to share here.

Dave, you were a very special friend and I am very glad that you came into my life.  I will miss you.

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