Lying To Your Doctor

Back in 2009, Richard on TuDiabetes asked the question, “Do You Lie to Your Doctor(s)?”  That question was revived back in February.

I have seen it a few times.  I have aunt that is Type 1 and her doctor would want her to call in numbers – she would make up numbers instead of giving him the real numbers.  She was asked to do that when she was having problems so I am not sure how she expected her doctor to help her when she was making up numbers.

Towards the end of last year, we were at the community center where I live trying to get it decorated for Christmas. One of the women was going to have lap band surgery and she needed to go thru several different kinds of appointments before doing that.  We were working over there the night before her appointment with a dietician.  She was supposed to write down what she ate for several days.  She started working on her list that evening. She told us that she did not eat breakfast because she liked to sleep in but she didn’t want to tell the dietician that so put down something for breakfast.  She also ate fast food lunch that day but did not put that on her list.
Yesterday morning, I went to get some lab work done.  The hospital has an outpatient center that you can go to for labs, x-rays and they even have a non-emergency walk-in clinic.  While I was sitting in the waiting room, one of the employees that was dressed in scrubs came around the corner and called a name – it was a young woman sitting near me.  The employee asked when it happened and if it was an accident.  The woman said “Saturday night” then she added that “it just popped out.”  The employee had a funny look on her face and the woman says, “I know that sounds crazy, but really, it just popped out.”

After the employee walked away, the woman started talking on her cell phone.  She told her friend that she was out Saturday night, was drunk (her exact words!) and was dancing when her knee popped out.  She said she fell to the ground and some people helped get her up and to a chair. Really, it just popped out!
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