Update On CCS Medical Nightmare

I previously wrote about the problems I am having with CCS Medical because of how my insurance company handled the refund for the Abbott Freestyle Navigator. I am not going to rehash all that stuff and if you are just tuning in and want to read all the details, you can read about them here and here. The simple version is, last summer, my insurance company decided that CCS owes me $500 back. Right before my insurance company decided that, I got some supplies from CCS and because my insurance reset my deductible, I would owe CCS about $330. I am not paying the $330 because CCS owes me $500. The original plan was to just to credit my account – then things took a turn for the worse.

After getting collection calls from CCS, I wrote my insurance company a letter last month. My insurance company received that letter on February 10th – tomorrow is day 30 from the date they received it. I gave them 30 days to do something and their letter to me also said they had 30 days to respond.

Late Friday afternoon, I got a call from the reimbursement manager at CCS. She read some of the stuff that I wrote on my blog. We actually had a very good conversation and she apologized to me – she said regardless of whose fault it was, she felt I was owed an apology. Although she was not able to offer a solution, I at least felt like someone at CCS was actually listening and hung up the phone feeling hopeful that this will get resolved.

Yesterday afternoon, my phone rang and it was another collection call from CCS. At least the other people that called were nice, but this guy was an ignorant jerk. I tried to explain to him that CCS owes me money and people in management are aware of the issue. I wrote in one of the other articles that this stuff should be recorded on my account so when these people are calling, they are aware there is an issue. Previously, there was nothing marked on my account. CCS at least corrected that and there were notes except this guy is now giving me grief about returning the pump (he used the word pump but the product was a CGMS, not a pump). I can’t return something I don’t have. It was sent to Abbott last April.

I was sick yesterday and did not want to have to deal with calling my insurance company. I was literally in tears after talking to him and spent the rest of the afternoon crying. I waited until this morning to call my insurance company and that was probably a mistake. Today I found out that a supervisor called CCS the beginning of this week and they have yet to return her phone call. I was in tears again after hanging up the phone.

CCS, if you really want to resolve this, why are you not returning phone calls from my insurance company? That tells me that you don’t want to resolve this. Obviously, it is easier for you to pick on a person with health problems than to have to deal with an insurance company. My insurance company had 30 days to resolve this so I will wait until the close of business tomorrow, but my next step is to file a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office – let’s see how they like you not returning phone calls.

CCS, what you are doing is not right. I have health problems and enough stress because of health issues and should not have to deal with harassing phone calls when you are the one that owes me money.  I have been wating since last summer for you to get this straightened out and you obviously have no intentions of doing that. 

I am waiting for a return phone call from the supervisor at my insurance company, but after tomorrow, I will turn my phone off. I am on disability and don’t have the money to pay to get my phone number changed. Anyone that calls can go into voice mail and I will check messages online and delete any messages that are not from a number I know without listening to them. Call as much as you want CCS. It is really refreshing to know that a medical supply company likes harassing people with health issues when you are the one that owes me $500 and now I get to live without a phone because of you. Thank you very much CCS.
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4 thoughts on “Update On CCS Medical Nightmare

  1. Customer service with this company does not exiist in Florida. Re-ordering supplies is a nightmare as the never send you the required logs on time which results in short orders of supplies(I test 4 times a day and medicare requires a long since I am no longer insulin dependent) There is nothing in their materials about returning an incomplete order without authorization and they still bill you.

    • Getting orders on time is very hard with them. Actually anyone on Medicare testing more than 3 times a day has to turn in a log – it doesn’t matter whether you are insulin dependent or not. Medicare is cracking down on companies that did not collect them. A lot of companies have the logs on their website. You should print off one from someplace else or make copies of the ones they send you – that way, you won’t have to ask for them.

  2. Oh Kelly – I hate reading about things like this – like you say – we have enough to deal with maintaining our health and have to deal with this on top of things – HORRIBLE.

    On a good note – how is it coming along with the new CGMS – Dexcom – are you having better results? Hope so.

    • Thanks Anna. I talked to a supervisor at my insurance company this morning. She talked to a supervisor in the collection department at CCS and she was told that CCS will stop calling me. She assured me that they are working on getting this taken care of and will get my money refunded.

      The Dexcom has been going really good except now I have to find another supplier, which means starting all over again with the paperwork. Yesterday I changed my sensor and it was the first one that lasted 14 days. I was in shock! I had one other one last for 13 days but I am not as lucky as some people.

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