What Does a Diabetic Look Like?

I mentioned in my Funny Searches post that someone had searched using the term “what does a diabetic look like.” Unfortunately, I lost that screen shot when my computer died. Yesterday, someone was searching again for pictures of diabetics so I have new screenshots.

The very top search on the first picture was “pictures of diabetics.” Then we had a slightly different search and someone searched for “pictures of someone who has had gastroparesis.” That one is towards the bottom of the second picture and I highlighted that one. If you go up 4 from that, you will see “picture diabetic.”

I really don’t understand why someone would think we look different. Like I said in my other post, go to TuDiabetes and see what some of the members look like. We come in a pretty wide variety and I am really not sure what we should look like!

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2 thoughts on “What Does a Diabetic Look Like?

  1. Had that same search a while back on my blog, and I think I responded by doing an intro and then posting a huge picture of ME on there! Or maybe I’m just imagining this… don’t recall. Anyhow, maybe they were searching for something like the warning signs or symptoms. Anyhow, thanks for sharing that, Kelly!

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