Diasend Software: Pump and Meter Readings Combined

Several people in the Animas Group on TuDiabetes have mentioned Diasend software.  I didn’t pay much attention to when I first saw people talking about it because it was an easy way for you to upload your pump and meter readings online and give your doctors easy access to it.

Last night, in one of the discussions in the Animas Group on TuDiabetes, Kimmcannally mentioned a review that she wrote about Diasend on her blog.  You can read her review here.  I didn’t have time last night to read it but wanted to read it this morning.  Kimmcannally mentioned that one of the nice things about the Diasend reports is that it shows both the recommended bolus and the actual bolus.  I thought that was kind of interesting so I decided to check the software out.

I went to the Diasend website and both my Animas Ping and AccuChek Aviva were listed as compatible devices.  I am not going to list all the devices because Diasend is working on adding more so you can find the list of compatible devices here.  I will mention that OmniPod is listed under the clinical section but not the personal section – I don’t know why, but if you are an OmniPod user and interested in Diasend, you could check with them.

I could not figure out how to get the software from the Diasend site. I went back to the Animas Group because I saw Kimmcannally had posted a link to Diasend thru Animas.  There is a link on the Animas website to get the Diasend software. You can find that link here.

In one of the registration steps, they needed serial numbers from my Ping and also from my Aviva.  No problem because the pump was in my pocket and my Aviva sitting on my desk.  They wanted the last 8 numbers above the bar code for the serial number on the Aviva and the serial number on the meter had 11.  I ran upstairs to get the box to see what was above the bar code and it really was just the last 8 digits that they needed.  Would have been easier to ask for the first 8, but what do I know!

Adding your doctor as an authorized viewer is totally up to you.  I did not do that and really don’t have plans to do that.  I was interested in the combined data part of the software, not the doctor’s access part.

The uploader part of the software is on your computer but once you transfer your data, you need to log into your account on Diasend.  You use the same IR cable that came with your Animas pump in order to transfer the data.

I saw on the Diasend website that you use the cable provided with your meter to transfer those readings. Well, I should have read the whole thing.  Every time I tried to transfer the Aviva readings, the AccuChek 360 software opened up.  I called the Diasend support number but went into voice mail. I left a message and then looked at the QuickStart guide on the website. I should have read the whole paragraph about meters because some meters use the IR cable and not the cable that came with the meter – Aviva was one of those meters.  I was swapping the cable out (I need to get a USB hub because I don’t have enough USB ports) and the phone rang – it was Diasend.  I thanked her and told her that I figured out my problem. Once I had the meter in front of the IR cable, it worked.

Because I use my Aviva meter, I don’t have all my BS readings in my pump.  It is kind of nice to have them combined.  Kimmcannally said that she emailed Diasend and they are working to get Dexcom added to the list of compatible devices.  That would be really nice if they do.

If you want to read more about Diasend, you can check out Kimmcannally’s blog here.  Carman started a discussion in the Animas Group here and Jay started one here.  You can get a variety of opinions about it.
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