Why Doesn’t Anyone Care if Someone is Going to Commit Suicide?

I woke up before 4 this morning with high blood sugar and had to call Animas because of some pump problems.  Once I am awake for something, I can’t go back to sleep.  I went to look at the stats for my blog and I saw that someone used the search term “how can a type 1 diabetic commit suicide.”  A few months ago, I wrote an article about suicide and cyber-bullying so I guess that is why they landed on my blog.

I only had 11 views on my blog for the day and only 1 hit for that article, so it was easy to narrow down.   The person was in San Antonio, Texas, so I Googled the San Antonio police department and found a phone number so I could call them.  The person I talked to at the police department was really not interested.  I guess they have more important things to worry about.  She did not ask my name or phone number and I practically had to force her to take the IP address – I am not even sure she even knew what an IP address was.

I was frustrated when I hung up so I then Googled how to report someone that wants to commit suicide.  I found a number for a national suicide prevention hotline so I called that – they had a section on their website about reporting people so I thought they could help.  I really hope they do a better job of talking to people that want to commit suicide than they did talking to me – that was a total waste of time.

Someone out there needs help and I feel like I should do something to help but I don’t know what to do.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Anyone Care if Someone is Going to Commit Suicide?

  1. Though I do not want to write at this time as I’m feeling sick, I’ll say a few words. As we all know, diabetes is one of the leading causes of depression…most all health problems are.
    I tried to kill myself a long time ago and realized it was a terrible mistake. I told my husband and we got to the hospital. The hospital stay was to say the least horrible.
    I would say the best way to prevent that type of action is to talk with a loved one about it. But, when you are depressed, you don’t feel like you’re not loved anyway. Hiding depression is easy, so it’s hard to detect.
    What I needed at that time in my life was someone to truly understand, if they can’t, a shoulder to cry on, a good bawling session, and telling the truth helps too.
    The horrible thing is when you are depressed, people don’t see it, the person who wants to die, doesn’t see that they are cared about. Of couse at that time, your mind isn’t working right anyway. Certain meds cause depression, one must go to the doctor and change meds or talk about it. I went to a CBT, a cognitive behavior health therapist. They teach you how to deal with your pains of the past or present, corilate that with the health condition, talk about that, and they help you to put the two together. The may hymotise you and go through relaxation therapy which all helps. There’s nothing to be embaressed about to see a doctor like that. I think it’s heroic to save a life, your own.
    Reach out to people, talk about your problems. Physical touch helps.

  2. How do you know they wanted to commit suicide? Maybe they were just messing around. Or maybe they were going to commit a crime and make it look like suicide.

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