Animas Made My Decision For Me

Yesterday, I wrote that I was On the Fence About Pumping.  Late yesterday afternoon, my replacement Ping showed up.  Animas sent me a refurbished pump.  I know a lot of people don’t  have a problem with refurbished pumps, but I have now had two Pings die in a matter of 8 months.  One of those only lasted 2 months.  My trust factor in pumps is about zero at this point and I am not going to use a refurbished pump when new ones don’t last.

I did not know until my pump died in January that getting a refurbished pump was a possibility so soon into my warranty.  It was not something that was mentioned when I bought the pump.  It is on the Animas website but I don’t think most people would think someone would replace a $6k pump with a used one if there was a problem a few months into a 4 year warranty.  This was my first pump and there was no reason for me to think that was a possibility.  I would also think that a pump would last longer than a few months.  I am not exactly an active person so it is not like I am running all over the place with it.  Valuable lesson learned though:  find out exactly what the warranty policy is.

Animas did not have the report back on what happened with that first pump yet, but I know that pump was giving me too much insulin.  The last 2 nights that I used that pump, I woke up in the 30s.  Although I do have an occasional low overnight, there is usually a reason when it happens.  My problems with lows are more during the day than at night.

Right around when the first one died, a guy posted some complaints about the Ping in the Animas Group on TuDiabetes.  He had been a Cozmo user and there were some things about the Ping that he did not like.  One of the things that he said was that there were always 16 units of insulin left in the cartridge even though the pump said you had used all the insulin.  My cartridge was always bone dry.  I almost told him that he was wrong but I was busy that day and did not respond.   Later, someone told him they knew how to get around that.  When the second pump came, I deliberately let the cartridge run down to zero – he was right, there was a lot of insulin left in the cartridge.  My first pump did not do that so I know I was getting more insulin than the pump thought I was.  My basal rates were all screwed up and I had to refigure everything when I started the second pump – my TDD went up by about 10 units.

After I realized that, I had some serious doubts about using the pump but I decided to continue using it – I could see the benefits of it.  I am not going to put my faith into a refurbished pump.   I don’t want to be Animas’ Stephen Krueger.

I called Animas right after pump #3 showed up yesterday.  The person I talked to said she would have a supervisor call me back.  The supervisor I talked to said that was their policy and unfortunately, she could not do anything other than bump it up to her manager.   I am going to send the refurbished pump back to them – she needed to check on how to handle the paperwork on that because they have never had anyone want to do that before.  I will send my insurance company the broken pump – they paid $6k for it and I am sure that they did not realize that a replacement would be with a used pump.  They paid for it, they can decide what they want to do with it.
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6 thoughts on “Animas Made My Decision For Me

  1. Here in Canada it seems they will give the client with a PING a new pump – not refurbished. Even though it is stated in the PING warranty (they sent it to me via PDF) – that you can either get a refurbished/new pump – Canada has different “laws”.

    All vacation loaner pumps here in Canada are *NEW* – so the one that I kept was not refurbished.

    The reason for Animas Canada giving new pumps to those pump users who have problems – is that most people do not want a “used” pump. The one thing that makes me think why Animas Canada is different here is due to the fact that not many Canadians use pumps – since in order to own one – you need private medical insurance from workplace (and even at that a friend of mine here in Montreal – his work medical insurance doesn’t cover pumps at all). My pump was 80% covred for the purchase price – and all my supplies associated with the pump are 100% (I fought tooth and nail for that with my work medical insurance – usually it’s only 80%). Once I no longer have medical insurance from work – will see how much private insurance will cost – that will be the big decision maker as to whether or not I stay on with the pump in 5 years. The other scenario is to move to one of the Canadian provinces that covers pumping – where I live now in Quebec – we don’t have that program … yet – or if we do – may only be for under 18 (only one province (state to you) here in Canada covers all ages – if you qualify – that is Ontario – which is right next door to the province I live in).

    • Anna, thank you for letting me know what you found out. Interesting to know that they will send you a new one in Canada – I guess I have to consider moving if I want to pump! I am sure there are alot of people like me that did not know. And some of those people are probably using refurbished pumps because they did not know to ask. Someone from Animas management was supposed to call me today & did not.

      • Any word yet from Animas. I did mention your name to Animas Canada – telling them what had happened to you. Of course, they didn’t say anything – but I was hoping maybe just telling your story would help Animas USA realise that new pumps for a new user of their device should be given when problems occur. I know Animas Canada said that the refurbished pumps in the USA are tested to ensure they are 100% – but with what has happened to you – I don’t think so.

        Waiting for your next blog about how things are going with MDI – don’t forget – come and post part of any new blog you post here – at – hopefully you’ll get more readership that way – and maybe more help as you spread the news about refurbished pumps. Be like I was with my 2006 CDI Smart car that the engine went kaput on – I was a squeaky wheel as the saying goes – and in the end – new engine installed – with a warranty of 2 years – no charge. I was right pissed off at what happened with that engine with so little miels – and the same applies to your pumping experience! If Animas USA wants to keep you as a loyal customer they’d better get their act together!

      • Anna, not sure if this will come out in the right order – there was no reply button on your last post. Animas did not call me back last week like they said so I called this morning. For some reason, I got their answering service – never had that happen before. Someone did call me back and she was trying to tell me I could not send it back. Then she said she would try to find out what was going on & call me back. She did call me this afternoon & said she talked to the sales guy. He was waiting on his manager to decide what to do.

        I am going to try to put something up in a day or two about being back on MDI. I read about some of your car stuff and I know that is not fun! Hopefully my pump problem will work out like your car did!

  2. I just posted a comment to a previous blog you’d posted (I’m way behind in blogs lately – catching up here). Are you saying that you are now going off the pump completely due to being sent a refurbished pump? You’ve now got me wanting to call up Animas Canada to see if this is the same thing – e.g. my vacation loaner pump which I’m now using due to original pump going wonky – was it refurbished? If it is, obviously I’m having better luck with this refurbished pump.
    BTW, when I refill my cartridge up (and I let it run to 0 units) – I maybe have about 4-8 units left – can’t be accurate here – but I always squirt out the little bit that is left there – it’s not much like what you are saying you get with your pump.
    Hoping things work out better for you Kelly.

    • Yes Anna, I am off the pump completely and unless Animas sends me a new one (which I doubt they will), it is for good. I had to go back to MDI early Sunday morning & the other pump came around 4 PM on Tuesday.

      I would guess that your loaner was refurbished. They can do a search on the serial number to tell you if it was or not.

      The US Animas site has their warranty on the website, but who would have ever thought they would replace a $6k pump right after you buy it with a used one!

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