Good News From CCS Medical

I just had a phone call from the reimbursement manager at CCS – they are going to refund my money! You can read the details here, but basically after Abbott refunded the Navigator money, my insurance company retracted CCS’s claim. I had paid $500 to CCS and my insurance said CCS needed to refund that money to me – that was last summer. In the meantime, I got more stuff from CCS and because my deductible had been reset, I owed them $300. Because they owed me $500, I did not pay the $300 (which is now $333). They will refund the difference between the $500 and what my new balance is. She also asked me if I was disputing that amount, which I am not. I did not feel that I should pay it when CCS owed me more than what I owed them. Also, if they disputed the way my insurance handled it and it was decided they did not owe me $500, my insurance would owe CCS the $300 because I had met my deductible.

The reimbursement manager at CCS actually called and talked to me a couple weeks ago. At that time, she did not have any news for me but felt that I was owed an apology, regardless of who did what. She told me that she read some of the stuff I had written on my blog. We actually had a very good conversation that day and I hung up the phone feeling like someone at CCS was actually listening.

One of the things that I mentioned before was that when the collection calls started, the people calling me did not see any notes on my account that there was a problem with my account and management was working with my insurance company. She told me today that CCS made a change and now requires everything to get logged, even if someone calls and just says that they have a cold.

I said before that I did not agree with how my insurance company handled this and I know not all of it was CCS’s fault, but I was the one caught in the middle. I am relieved that it is finally resolved. I am glad to know that CCS did look at what happened and made some changes on their end. That shows that they are listening to what we say. I really appreciate the fact that the reimbursement manager called me to apologize even if she did not have a solution then (and yes, she did apologize again today and I appreciate that!). Oh, and did I mention that it is over!

4 thoughts on “Good News From CCS Medical

  1. i just got a call on16thfrom ccs tell me that no longer take my medicade they did thisaffter they sent my new pump so im looking for a new place to get supplies from

    • How long have you had your pump? Part of that could be how your state handles the Medicaid and if they decided not to renew the contract with CCS, CCS might not have known when they shipped the pump.

      • If you only had the new one a month, then they probably should have known they would not be able to get the supplies for you. I hope you are able to find someone else and your new supplier doesn’t give you all the headaches you have had.

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