It Pays to Be Nice

After getting blood work, I always send a form directly to the hospital to get a copy.  They use a third party to process that and it usually takes about 3 weeks to get an invoice from them.  Once I have the invoice, I can download a copy of the labs.  Mine came last Friday so I downloaded my labs.

I realized that my doctor had ordered iron and that was not showing on the pages I had.  I first called the medical records department to make sure it was not on something I did not get – there were 3 pages and I had 3 pages.  I next called my insurance company to make sure they did not get billed for it.  When I look at the invoice online, all it says is “lab fees” and does not show the individual tests.  My insurance did not get billed for it.

I was going grocery shopping this morning so had my mother stop at the lab first.  I had a copy of the prescription and a copy of the tests that were done.  They were busy and one of the supervisors was helping to get people registered so took me back to her office.  She was all apologetic about it and I said it was really no big deal, everyone makes mistakes.  She said she was going to check to see if it was a mistake there or if it got dropped when it got to the lab (the hospital has different outpatient locations you can for blood work and x-rays but they get processed at the main hospital). 

When I was sitting in the chair to get the blood drawn, the supervisor came back and handed me a $10 gift card for Sheetz (it is a convenience store that also sells gas).  She said she wanted to thank me for being so nice about it.  She said a lot of people would have been really upset about it and she appreciated how nice I was being about it. 

I gave the card to my mother because she always takes me places so she can use it for a gallon of gas.
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