Type Awesome – People Who Support PWD’s

My nephew Brandon is 8 and has Downs Syndrome. He always mimics people. If someone asks me what my blood sugar is, he has to ask also. He is like the Diabetes Police because he will tell me to check my blood (his way of saying blood sugar). Fortunately, he does not understand what food does to blood sugar or he would be asking me if I could eat something. My sister is a nurse and Brandon likes to copy what his mother does – if she looks at my foot, he has to see also. After I got my pump last year, my sister told me that Brandon has a little radio and he was walking around holding it on his stomach saying it was his pump.

Last summer, I made a peanut butter meltaway cake that I had never made before. My brother was home visiting so I had my mother pick the cake up and take it to her house so they could eat it. I wanted some of the cake but obviously did not need a whole cake. The next day, I called her to ask what they thought of the cake. It was a very rich cake and of course, one of her first questions was “what was your blood sugar.”

She was watching Brandon that day and he always wants to talk to me. When he got on the phone, his first question was, “what was your blood sugar.” I said it was good and asked him what his was. He said it was bad. I of course had to ask what it was and his answer was 4. If he only knew!

This post is my May entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival. If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at http://diabetessocmed.com/2011/may-dsma-blog-carnival/

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4 thoughts on “Type Awesome – People Who Support PWD’s

  1. I spent a few summers years ago working with Down Syndrome children and adolescents, and they can be SO cute! I think they are a special gift to the world, if you take the time to appreciate them. I’m glad you have Brandon! 🙂

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