Diabetes Bloopers


A couple years ago, I was sick for a few days. Like a lot of times when we are sick, my BS was up and I needed extra insulin. When I started feeling better and my BS seemed like it was going back to normal, I went back to my normal doses of insulin.

I always check my BS when I first wake up. I then take my insulin and head downstairs to take the dog out. After I take Alex out, I make my coffee and then we play “coffee ball” in the mornings. After I drink my coffee, I check my BS again before eating breakfast.

That particular morning, I followed my usual morning routine. After drinking my coffee, I tested my BS and it was high. Of course my first thoughts were, I guess I am not over whatever I had and I still need extra insulin. I took some insulin and as soon as I stood up, I realized my BS was low, not high. I went and washed my hands and checked my BS again – I was low. So much for needing that extra insulin! Now I needed extra glucose.

The really bad part was that I had a doctor’s appointment about a week later.  I checked my blood sugar just as we pulled into the parking lot.  It was high so I took some insulin.  As soon as I stepped out of the car, I realized I was not high.  When do I ever learn!

This post is my Wednesday, May 11th entry for the 2nd Annual Blog Week. You can check out more posts at Bitter~Sweet.

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8 thoughts on “Diabetes Bloopers

  1. Oh yes, I’ve done that a few times. It’s always tough, because I don’t always feel highs or lows so I really rely on my meter result. And I don’t always remember that I could have something on my hands that has thrown the reading off. *sigh* Diabetes sure does make it easy to find bloopers, huh?

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