Awesome Things

Today’s subject is a twist on February’s Blog Carnival post of what we have done in spite of diabetes and instead, the subject is what awesome thing that we have done because of diabetes.  I procrastinated too long and did not participate in February’s Blog Carnival so you can’t read that article from me!

I would have to say that my blog is probably the most awesome thing that I have done because of diabetes.  Blogging is not something that I ever thought I would do.  Before I started blogging, several people suggested I start a blog and write about what I went thru with my foot, but I really wasn’t interested.  Once I started, there were people that actually read my blog.  I swear, I did not pay them to read it!

Two of the subjects that are the biggest things that have happened to me because of diabetes (my foot wound and gastroparesis) are also the two things that get the most searches.  When I get a message from someone, it feels good to know that something I said helped them. I have always liked helping people but just never thought that something I would write would actually help someone.  It is nice to know that my words touched someone that I have never met.   Because we have some of the same problems, we share a bond that most people don’t understand.

In April, I applied for membership to the Diabetes Advocates and was accepted.  Diabetes Advocates was started by David Edelman of Diabetes Daily and Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes to organize the DOC and make a stronger presence.  The easiest way to explain is to take a sentence off the Diabetes Advocates website:

Someone who represents the voice of patients while going above and beyond to make the world better for people with diabetes.” 

I am very honored to be a part of this group and I truly hope that the things that I write in my blog will help make the world a better place for people with diabetes. 

EDITED TO ADD:  Apparently Blogger is having some issues today and Karen is not able to get her blog up today – I am glad I thought to look in Twitter!  You can find the list of Awesome Things blogs here.

This post is my Friday, May 13th entry for the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week.  You can check out more posts at Bitter~Sweet.

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