What We’ve Learned

Today is Day 7 of the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week.  I have read a bunch of new blogs that I did not know were out there (they aren’t new, they were just new to me).  I saw some faces and names from message boards that I knew but did not realize that they blogged.

About a month before the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week, my friend Natalie mentioned the lack of Type 2 blogs.  On Monday for the Admiring Our Differences post, Bob Pederson, Kerri Sparling and Scott Johnson also mentioned the limited number of Type 2 bloggers.  I hope that is something that will change in the future.   There is such a lack of understanding out there and people living with stuff do a much better job presenting the reality.

Since Karen published the list of topics before the week started, I knew that I would be writing about something that I learned this week.  I had no doubt that I would learn some new things this week.  What I was not expecting was to be writing about the strangest thing that I learned this week.   Did you know that a worm has higher blood sugar in the winter in colder climates?   Reyna of Beta Buddies took the time to look up information on a worm’s blood sugar.  If you did not read Reyna’s post and want to know all about a worm’s blood sugar, I suggest you check it out here.   The interesting thought for the day was what would happen to a worm if you used a lancet on it.

I saw several mothers saying that they found it hard to write something funny about diabetes for the Diabetes Bloopers post, but they still managed to find some bloopers to write about.  I read some very heartfelt stories.  I read a lot of funny stuff.  People took some not so funny things and put a nice twist on it.  The DOC has a lot of funny people and I had some really good laughs this week.

The DOC is just an awesome bunch of people, but I already knew that!

This post is my Sunday, May 15th entry for the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week.  You can check out more posts at Bitter~Sweet.

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16 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned

  1. Kelly,
    I am trying to figure out what time you had to get up to have the first post on Sunday… Since I read them all in reverse order, yours is the last (but not least) one. It has been interesting and enlightening to read every post (from Sunday, anyway). Thanks for being out here in the DOC. I look forward to more insights and laughs!

    • Jane, I was actually up late Saturday night, not early Sunday morning! IAt least one person had his done before I posted because it came up in Google Reader. I didn’t want to be the first one to post my link but wanted to go to bed! It was a fun week and I have enjoyed all the posts also.

  2. I read Reyna’s post this week (great blog), and convinced my kids to dig for earthworms as soon as the weather cooperates here. We’ll be putting them to the test, although we are nto quite sure how to do it yet.

    My son suggested we test bees too since they are always around sweet stuff.

    And then my daughter thought we should also add moskitos, to see if their blood sugars are all different based on who they’ve bit prior.

    And so, we hace a summer science project thanks to DOC 🙂

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share and be part of your posts this week. I learned a great deal and feel much less alone 🙂

    • I hope that you are planning on sharing that summer science project with the DOC! I just hope that Karen doesn’t get the idea of having a worm testing day for next year.

      I have enjoyed being a part of this week’s blog fest – I also feel much less alone. You guys are an incredible bunch of people and I am really glad to be a part of this group.

  3. I have enjoyed blogging with you this week! I truly feel that I have a new family of people to look forward to getting to know. I feel so blessed!!

  4. I’m like you – learning something new this week – that there are so many great D-bloggers out there – but yes – not many Type 2’s. I’m always trying to encourage my T2 friends to blog (I know more T2’s then 1’s here in Montreal) – but they haven’t yet – but you never know – maybe they’ll get on the band wagon one day!

    BTW, I am still trying to catch up with reading all the blogs put out this week – thanks for the tip on Reyna’s blog (she is awesome!!!).

    Psst – love your new set up – red is my fav colour (busy today cutting out material for a little shift dress – I think warmer weather is coming one day – maybe August for us here in Montreal ?).

    • Anna, I saw in Natalie’s blog on TuD that she mentioned you were the one to encourage her to write about what she went thru. Maybe between the 2 of us, we can encourage her to also start writing more.

      I still have a bunch of reading to do and hardly looked at the ones on the outside of the box & D-myths posts. I am afraid to see how many are there! Rena was one of the new bloggers that I discovered this week and I agree, she is awesome.

      It was time for a change and after looking at some of the other blogs this week, knew I needed to find something different. Funny thing was I looked at this theme before and did not like it. Now it jumped out at me and said, pick me!

      I am not sure we will ever see warmer weather! I hope you get to wear your dress, even if you have to put your winter coat over it.

  5. Thanks Meagan! I have really enjoyed this week also. I especially love all the new blogs I found. Now I just need to figure out how to keep up with all of them!

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