New Endork: N E X T !

Yesterday, I made the trek to Pittsburgh to see a new endork.  Someone from one of the message boards had actually given me his name two years ago when I started having a lot of problems with my thyroid.  I tried to get an appointment then and couldn’t get in with him.  A few months ago, I was Googling something and his name came up.  I thought I would try again to get in with him and I actually managed to get an appointment.

I have not found a decent doctor since my thyroid took a nose-dive in April, 2009.  The doctor that I see for my foot is a GP and he has been helping me.  He actually gets thyroid and understands that Free T4 and Free T3 are the important things to look at, not TSH.  He also even knows that the optimal levels should be and doesn’t think because you are within the lab range, you are optimal.   Unfortunately, he is interested in wounds, not thyroid and he was only a temporary fix.

I think I get labeled as a problem patient the second we walk up to the scale.  Like others before her, yesterday’s nurse wanted me to take my shoes off to stand on the scale.  I had part of my heel removed and a bone graft done so I can’t do that.  I have what the doctor that did my surgery calls “a prominent boney mass” in my foot.  It is not flat and it hurts to stand on it without a shoe containing inserts to support my heel on.  Granted, she did not know that because I had my paperwork in my hand that said that but she did not need to be annoyed when I had a very legitimate reason why I could not stand without my shoes on.

The next challenge is that they want you to stand on the scale without holding onto anything – I am not sure why they put those nice bars next to the scale if you aren’t allowed to use them. This particular scale did not have anything so I needed to be able to use my walker.  I can see if I was standing there in running shorts looking like I just ran a marathon and claimed I had to hold onto something, but I am using a walker – it is obvious something is wrong.  Why do they have to get annoyed when I say I need to hold onto something?  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see something is not right with me.

We get back to the room and my BP is 178/68 – I wonder why!  I am going to leave the next part for another article.  I will just say that woman should not have been typing drug information into the computer.  I have everything typed up nice and neat and very detailed about exactly what I take and how many times a day I take it.  My asthma med went from my typing 2 puffs 4 x a day to “as needed.”  That was only one of the problems.  She was very confused!

The doctor comes in and he was actually very nice.  Unfortunately, about 2 minutes into our conversation, he informed me that he will not prescribe desiccated thyroid meds.  I take Erfa Thyroid which is the Canadian version of Armour Thyroid and is a desiccated thyroid med.  Synthroid and its generics caused seizures for me and I can’t take them.  I was able to do fine on synthetic T3 for a few years but then my T4 tanked and I needed something with T4 in.

He wanted to explain to me why he won’t prescribe desiccated thyroid and it was the usual claim by doctors that don’t like it that it is not consistent from batch to batch.  I have been using it for 1 ½ years now and I have not had any consistency problems.  He apparently stopped using it when all the Armour problems happened about 2 years ago.  He did say that he did not have a problem prescribing the synthetic T4/T3 combination.   I explained to him that the synthetic T4 causes seizures for me and I am not about to fry my brain when something else is available that does not cause a problem for me.

He was firm in not wanting to prescribe desiccated thyroid so I thanked him and asked for my the copies back of the labs that I brought – I have wasted enough ink and paper to give doctors copies of labs when I don’t go back to them.  He then told me that he would examine my thyroid but I told him that there was no point in wasting time when he was not going to be able to help me.

I am back to the drawing board with doctors!

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7 thoughts on “New Endork: N E X T !

  1. Oh Kelly – that sucks!! Hopefully we’ll both luck in one day on a good endo. The one I had hoped would be my miracle endo – isn’t interested in taking me on a patient – she says I don’t need her. The only good thing out of seeing her – she wants me to help another hospital here in Montreal that needs a mentor for teenage diabetics. I’m on the post about that – as I’m already do alot of volunteer work – but I do love helping out diabetic kids. So, on I plod – doing my own thing with diabetes – and other health probs – until I really need someone with more knowledge and time (not sure if coming to Canada would be any better for you – as some have commented on your FB page).

    • I think that I am going to give up looking for an endo Anna. I had better luck in the past with internists so I am just going to keep looking for a good one of those. Eventually, one has to show up!

      I am sorry that your endo did not work out either. I was wondering how that went. I guess none of these doctors feel if you are doing halfway decent, there is room for improvement. I am sure no matter how much someone knows, there are things they don’t know! I can understand your not knowing what to do about helping the teens. It is a good thing to do but if you are already spread thin and can’t give them the attention they need and deserve, that is not good either.

      Yeah, I am not sure coming to Canada would be the solution – I have heard that your doctors are worse as far as thyroid goes. That is my big problem/concern right now.

    • You are right Minnesota Nice – at least I did not waste several visits. I have been to a couple doctors that I thought would be the “one” then found out after 2 or 3 visits, they were not. Better to know right away.

  2. Well at least you found out right away, rather than wasting several appointments.
    Move on and keep trying/

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