Meter Accuracy

Friday, I felt weird so I checked my blood sugar and my meter said that I was 93. I really felt like I was low. I felt weird earlier and when it came back as being normal, I washed my hands and checked again – I had about the same reading both times so figured it was just me. This time, I had the bright idea to get my old meter out and test on that. I pulled the little calibration thingee that you stick in the side of the AccuChek Aviva out of the new meter and put it in my old meter – that meter then confirmed what I felt like. Because it took me a few minutes to find the old meter, I thought I would check again – this time, I was 87 so it did not change much.

I treated my low and waited. I still felt like crap so checked again. Out of habit, I grabbed the new meter first and tested. After I saw what my blood sugar was, I thought if I was 24 points higher on this meter before, I wonder what it is now. I grabbed the old meter again and tested – now that one has me a couple points higher than the old one.

To keep things straight here, the newer Aviva (I bought in February) is on the left in both pics and the old one on the right. There is one hour difference in time because the old one has not been used for a few months and I never changed the time.

This happened right before dinner. What if I had dosed insulin when I was already low? What would have happened if I had trusted that 93 and not checked on my old meter. If I dropped into the 30s with glucose, what would have happened without it?  I took this meter to the lab with me at the end of February and it was like 3 points different than the lab.
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