Happy Birthday Alex!

Today is my dog Alex’s birthday – it is hard to believe that he is 13 years old. Of course, it would not be a birthday without a new toy.

This picture was taken when he was about 2 weeks old.

When I got Alex, I already had another dog, Nicky. Nicky was 6 years older than Alex but they got along really well and were best buddies. Nicky died in 2006 and it was very hard on Alex when that happened.

I have been trying to go thru and get rid of things that I am not using anymore and I have been cleaning out Alex’s toy boxes. We had a ton of balls – Nicky was the one that really liked balls. When I bought a toy for one, I always had to get 2.

I tossed all the torn and yucky toys and this is what we are donating to the SPCA.  And yes, the box is filled with nothing but balls.

Alex still has a lot of toys left but we are down to one toy box downstairs and one upstairs. The little dogs in the front of the upstairs toy box sing “Who Let the Dogs Out.” That was one of their favorite toys and when you buy 2 at a time, it doesn’t take long to add up. We are going to send one of the dogs to Alex’s cousin Fred and put some in the donation box.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex!

  1. Happy Birthday Alex – now would I like to be your dog in your house. Sometimes I think next life – I come back as a cat / dog – in a house with an owner that loves me to no end!!!! Are you making a dog friendly “cake” to celebrate the day as well? Give Alex a ((( hug ))) from me – just don’t telll him I’m a cat \\^,,^//

    • Thanks Anna! Alex is not lacking in either love or toys. No cakes today but he is having steak for dinner! He likes cats – his sister is a cat and he gives her kisses all the time. He just doesn’t like it when she bites him.

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