Why Do People Lie?

Do they think people are idiots and won’t find out the truth? I have lived in my apartment for about 2 ½ years now. The building is about 4 years old. Everyone in the building has been having problems with their kitchen floors cracking. They said that the building was sinking.

Every year, the mortgage company sends an inspector. They walk around the property to look for problems and will go in several apartments. Two years ago, my apartment was one of the ones that the inspector picked to come in. The manager waited outside and the maintenance man came in with the inspector. As soon as they stepped in the door, the inspector asked about the kitchen floor. The maintenance man told him that my floor was not as bad as the one they had just been in. They both walked in the kitchen together. They were well aware of the problem. I also found out later that the mortgage guy took pictures of my neighbor’s floor that they were discussing.

My floor was not that bad before, but it has been getting worse. As the cracks got bigger, more and more dirt was coming up thru into the kitchen making it very hard to keep my kitchen floor cleaned. Even worse, every time it would rain, earthworms were coming up thru the floor. I almost had a heart attack the first time that happened.

Several of us have sent for radon kits because we live in a high radon area. Radon can get in your house thru cracks in the foundation and we certainly have lots of cracks. Besides the visible problems, radon is a concern for many of us.

In May, I made a trip to the office to complain about the floor. I told the manager that I have not complained before because I knew that they were not fixing them and mine was not that bad before. She said that they did not realize how bad the one floor was. She said that my neighbor had a carpet over it and then recently pulled the carpet up. I knew that they were aware of hers because that was the floor that the mortgage guy talked about. I was promised that something would be done about the floor.

When I took my rent to the office at the beginning of June, the manager told me that the inspector would be coming on Monday the 13th. One day last week, the maintenance guy knocked on my door. He was not there to fix the floor but asked if I would be able to take the dog out the back door for a couple of days because he wanted to seal the cracks in the sidewalk. He sealed the sidewalk but never came back to do anything with my kitchen floor. That did not sit very well with me!

When they put the notices on our doors about the inspection, there was also a form that said the regional manager would be here that day also. If anyone had any problems or concerns, she would make time to meet with them while she was here. Over the weekend, I decided that I was going to fill the form out so I could talk to her about what was going on.

Monday morning, I took my form to the office. The manager asked me what was wrong and I said that I wanted to talk to the regional manager about what was going on with my floor. The maintenance man was there and of course said he would get it fixed and would come to my apartment right then. He went to get his stuff and we both started leaving the office about the same time. He told me that the reason he did the sidewalk first was because that was on last year’s inspection list and he had to get it done before they came. Nothing like waiting a year to fix problems pointed out in an inspection. We were not too far when he realized that he forgot something so he turned back.

The cracking is only on one side of the kitchen. When I got to my apartment, I pulled the table over closer to the side that is not cracked. Even though it is not cracked where the area rug I have in the kitchen was, I pulled the rug back so that it would not be in his way. The refrigerator is on one wall and the washer and dryer across from it on the other side of the room that has the cracks. Both areas were cracked. I don’t have shelves near the washer and have one of those milk containers with my laundry stuff in. I moved that as well as the garbage. The maintenance guy came in as I was moving that stuff so it should have been obvious the crack was on that side as well.

As soon as I got everything moved, I opened the windows because he said that it would stink. I went upstairs to close the bedroom doors so the cat stayed upstairs. I also brought a gate downstairs to keep the dog out of the kitchen.

When I was at the office, I said that the refrigerator needed to be pulled because the biggest crack was in front of the refrigerator so I knew it was cracked under the refrigerator. When I got back down from getting the gate, he was pulling the refrigerator out. A few minutes later, I heard him in the kitchen moaning and groaning. I asked what was wrong and he told me that it was really bad under the refrigerator and was more than what he would be able to do. I can’t remember his exact words, but he did use the word “construction” and made it sound like the floor over there would have to be ripped out. He moved the refrigerator back without doing anything under there.

After he left, the manager and the regional manager knocked on my door – they wanted to see the floor. I offered to pull the gate out of the door so they could go in but they said it was not necessary and just stood on the other side of the gate.

The manager left so that I could talk to the regional manager alone. I also told her about the problems I had with my front door. The maintenance guy has been over numerous times to try and fix that – it works for a few weeks and then the lock won’t shut. The last time he came in, he tried to tell me that was the way it was. Sorry, but I need to be able to lock my doors! I have a security bar that I had for a sliding door that you can also put under a door knob. I have been using that if it doesn’t lock, but if I need to go someplace, it is a problem. I use a walker because of the neuropathy and going out the back door and thru the grass is very difficult. The door would not lock while she was there so said that she would put in a work order for it.

When we were discussing the floor issue, she told me that the maintenance guy is a “typical” man and you had to light a fire under him to get things done. Maybe I don’t know “typical” men but the men I know are not like that, especially when it comes to their jobs. My brother fired his employees if they slacked on the job like that.

That afternoon, I went into the kitchen to get lunch. I saw that he had not done the area over by the washer at all. Tuesday morning, the manager came over again. I pointed out to her that he missed the area over by the washer. I also told her that I talked to the regional manager about the door and it was not locking again. She told me that she would have him take care of both of those things.

I was concerned about what the floor is like under the refrigerator. Leaving the floor “open” will only allow the problems to continue. I needed to see for myself what the floor looked like under the refrigerator. I also wanted to take some pictures and ask my brother his opinion. Like Joe Cocker sings, “with a little help from my friends,” I managed to get the refrigerator pulled out.

The title of this post is “Why Do People Lie” so you can probably guess what I found under the refrigerator. There was a crack but it was not as bad as what the floor in front of the refrigerator looked like. No construction crews necessary!

Needless to say, I am very angry right now. I can forgive almost anything, but being lied to is not something I can forgive. I also need to cool down a few days before I go talk to the manager and have a good plan before I speak to her.

Last year when my brother was here, he told me that my locks were in violation of US Code. I think it was because the locks turned in different directions from each other but I am not sure. I emailed him to ask if he remembers why he said that. He won’t be home until August so I will have a wait until he can look at them if he can’t remember. I also emailed my cousin’s husband – he used to be a building inspector so he might know of some specific codes I can use. That should at least get my door fixed.  Now to figure out the floors.


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