Pet Pictures

I was going thru old pictures and thought I would share some pet pics here.

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Cast of critters:

Alex – my 13 year old Yorkie. I got him in the summer of 1998 when he was about 8 weeks old. They say that you should wait until Yorkies are about 6 months old before you take them from their mother & I do think he was too little to be taken away from his mother. He is definitely a Mommy’s boy!

Bailey – my sister Tracy’s cat. My cat Sasha is Bailey’s mother – that happened before I got her.

Buster – my sister Tracy’s dog (or as she says, her husbands dog).

Chas – Chas was my brother Rick’s dog.

Damn-It – Damn-It was my brother Dave’s dog. The first time he met Nicky, he jumped up on the couch and tried to sit behind David. He stayed there for almost an hour before he realized that Nicky was not going to bother him.

Deja – when I wanted to get a second Yorkie, I asked the breeder I got Nicky from. She called me and said she had a dog close to Nicky’s age that she was getting ready to retire and asked if I would be interested in her. I said yes. These pictures were taken the day I picked her up. About 5 days after I got her, we were out walking and got attacked by two big dogs. She slipped out of her collar and ran off. She ended up getting killed by a car that night.

Max (the cat) – Max was my sister Tracy’s cat. Max loved homemade bread with peanut butter on (he would not eat store bought bread). He was a jumper and could jump up to the top of the refrigerator.

Max (the dog) – Max is my brother Rick’s dog.

Nicky – I got Nicky in 1992 when he was 6 months old. He died in April, 2005 when I was going thru my foot mess. He had to have his eye removed the day before I had the 2nd surgery on my foot. My sister had to pick him up from the vets for me since I had to be in Pittsburgh the day he came home. He lived about a week after that. Nicky loved to play ball and I used to say he was born with a ball in his mouth. Nicky and Alex were very close.

Pepper – I got Pepper when Troubles was about a year old. My sister taught her to beg for Utz Sour Cream & Onion chips. She did not like any other kind of chips.

Sasha – my cat. I got her in the fall of 1999 when she was about 4 ½ years old. She originally belonged to my aunt & uncle’s neighbor. After she had kittens in my uncle’s tool shed, the woman was going to get rid of her. My sister called and asked me if I would take her. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. You can tell by her pictures she is well fed compared to what she used to be. When I first got her, she stayed in the spare room. She did not like the dogs. Alex used to sit at the gate and bark at her. One night when I had the dogs out, she was waiting at the door and ran out when I opened it. I could not find her anywhere. A friend of my neighbors said to put food and a box outside for her because she was probably hiding close by. The next night after I went to bed, Alex was carrying on so I went downstairs and opened the door. Sasha was outside. She hasn’t tried to run away since. Now her and Alex are good friends.  Sasha is a Manx – she does not have a tail.  Since Bailey and several of her other kittens were also born without a tail, I know that she really is one.

Sugar – Sugar was my first Yorkie. Someone my cousin Judy knew gave her to her and Judy then gave her to my Aunt Helen. I would keep her at night because my aunt worked night shift & I would drop her off on my way to school. When I left for college, my aunt said that I could keep Sugar because she was really attached to me.

Troubles – Troubles was my first cat. She was very attached to Pepper when I got her. She would let Pepper nurse off of her and every time Pepper would get out of the bed, she would go get her and carry her back. About a week before Christmas one year, she got sick and I took her to the emergency clinic over the weekend. The vet there was insistent that she ate a ribbon or something. I knew that was not the case. I took her to my vet on Monday and discovered that she had a massive tumor in her chest. They kept her for a couple days before I brought her home. She died on Christmas morning.

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