Hospital Death From Insulin Overdose

My friend Trisha sent me a link to an article that she saw posted on CWD. Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania gave a kidney transplant patient a fatal dose of insulin. There was a discrepancy between the meter used to check his blood sugar and the lab. Apparently the nurse knew there was a difference and failed to point it out to anyone and no else bothered to notice. The meter showed that the patient was high and the doctor used that reading to order insulin. The patient was on an IV insulin drip plus received an additional injection of insulin even when the lab showed his BS levels were low.

I previously wrote Hospitals Are Dangerous Places for Diabetics. You can read Part I here and Part II here. Scott Johnson also wrote about hospitals that you can read here. We need to speak up and bring more awareness to this issue. When we are in the hospital, it is usually because we are sick and cannot advocate for ourselves.

You can read the Lehigh Valley Hospital death article here.

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2 thoughts on “Hospital Death From Insulin Overdose

  1. Oh man oh man oh man. I could write endless stories about bad care in hospitals.
    I’ll only tell one.
    6 years ago I fell on the ice and suffered a tib/fib fracture. I had to have surgery and hardware put in., Apparently I went low while on the table, so a glucose iv was started. Only problem was that they forgot to take it out. It was hooked up for 5 hours and by then my bg was 700.

    • Wow, you think they would have checked your BS! I hope that you did not have any problems healing from that. You are right, there are endless stories about bad care in hospitals!

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