Ouch: A Bad Fall

Last week was kind of a crazy week. I previously wrote about what was going on with my kitchen floor – you can read that story here. After I wrote that, I went over to talk to the manager about it and she promised me that it would get fixed. Last Monday, my mother was supposed to pick me up at 10 so I could go shopping. I was in the shower about 8 and someone started knocking on the door – it was the manager and the maintenance man coming to fix the floor and the door. Even though I yelled I was in the shower, they came in.

By the time I got downstairs, they had already pulled the washer and dryer out. In the process, the manager decided to move my plant stand but did that without taking the plants off. My plant stand is a pole with little shelves going around like a spiral staircase. It is not exactly something that you can move without taking the plants off. Needless to say, there was dirt everywhere. My sweeper was upstairs so the manager went upstairs to get that and clean up some of the dirt. I had a stand I keep bottled water in that is normally near where the floor needed fixed and I had that sitting near the plant stand. I keep a basket with dog and cat food in on top of the stand and that was filled with dirt. I also have one of those milk cartons that I keep on the floor in front of the washer with my laundry stuff in – that was filled with dirt.

After we got back from shopping, I tried to clean up the worst of the dirt. I had to wash off all the cans of dog and cat food along with the basket. I had to wipe the dirt off of all my laundry stuff. I had to wash the placemats on my table. On Tuesday, I cleaned the rest of the kitchen and mopped up the floor. I was also having a new mattress and box springs delivered on Wednesday so besides the mess in the kitchen, I had to get stuff ready for the delivery on Wednesday. By the time I went to bed Tuesday night, I was ready to drop. Although my kitchen was cleaned, I never did get around to repotting my spider plant.

They delivered my new bed about 11 Wednesday morning. After they left, I went upstairs to make the bed. I was still really dragging so thought that I would crawl in bed and test it out after lunch. I had my blankets in a pile on the floor in the corner. I went to put the mattress pad on the bed and a big ugly spider started crawling across the bed. I hate spiders! I grabbed a wad of Kleenex and squished it. That was obviously a mistake because I now had a red mark on my brand new mattress. Who knew spiders made such a mess when you squished them. I was able to get the mark off the mattress, but now I would have to wait for it to dry before I could make the bed.

After I ate lunch, the bed was still wet so I waited awhile longer. I also decided to chase the cat out of the spare room and close that door so see if she would discover the new bed. When I made another trip upstairs, she was sitting on the top of stairs. I was almost to the top when she decided to run down the stairs. I shifted a little bit and when I did, I lost my balance. When I started going backwards, I knew I was in trouble. It was like time was moving in slow motion but I only remember rolling once. The next thing I know, I was lying on my back on the landing.

I think it was a combination of being dazed and being scared, but I did not move for a couple minutes then my mind started going a 100 miles a minute. My neighbors were at work and no one was around to hear me scream so that would not do me any good. I knew if I wanted help, I would have to get to the phone. I was able to sit up and then sat on the landing for another minute thinking about my next move. Trying to get up from there would be difficult for me even without having just fallen down the stairs. I thought I would be able to crawl to the phone but I had to get off that last step to the floor.

I am not sure how, but I managed to make it across the room to the phone. This is where the You Can Do It cheerleaders come in! I made it to my chair and was able to sit in the chair. I picked up the phone to call for help and then I started thinking that I really should hurt more than what I did for just having fallen down the stairs. I put the phone back down. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing in the world to do but I was still dazed from falling down the stairs. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

It normally takes me about 2 days for bruises to show up. I thought for sure that I would have a ton of bruises. The whole right side of my body was sore – some spots more than others. When I went to bed Wednesday night, I was really sore but hardly hurt at all when I got up on Thursday morning. The pain seemed to come in waves and was not consistent at all. By Friday, I only had one tiny little bruise on my leg so I knew I was home free as far as bruises go.

The scary part was that my bad foot was swollen and had what looked like half a golf ball sticking out of the side. I decided that I should go and get that x-rayed just to make sure there were no breaks. They x-rayed both the foot and ankle. My ankle is always swollen because I have lymph edema from the infection, and I really could not say whether it was more swollen than normal, but the bulge on the side of my foot was not normally there. They also x-rayed my hand because that was still pretty sore. No breaks!

I am very lucky that I only had minor pain after falling down almost a full flight of stairs. I know God was looking out for me that afternoon and there must have been some Angels on the landing padding my fall. I am grateful that it happened after I got a nice comfortable mattress – I am sure I would have hurt a lot more if I had been sleeping on my old bed. It also happened on a day that I had moved the little swing with bears in off the landing – I am sure if I had fallen into that, I would have broken it and had a puncture wound. I always hated my staircase because it was closed in – I now look at that very differently.
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