Astrology and the Thyroid by Nic Gaudette

Last summer, I shared an article about Diabetes and Astrology written by my astrologer and friend, Nic Gaudette. I get a lot of searches looking for astrology information in relation to diabetes, so I asked Nic if she would be interested in writing something about some of the common things that so many diabetics also deal with – thyroid, neuropathy and Celiacs. Nic agreed to write the articles, so I am posting the first one on thyroid today. If you would like to learn more about Nic or have her look at your chart, her website is The Dark Pixie and you can check her website out here.

Astrology and the Thyroid by Nic Gaudette

The thyroid gland resides in your neck, and is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign of Taurus. An afflicted Mercury (one with many difficult aspects being made to it) can show someone who may be prone to thyroid issues. For an underactive thyroid, look for a difficult aspect between Mercury and Saturn (Saturn’s a planet that constricts, taking energy away). For an overactive thyroid, look for difficult aspects between Mercury and Mars or Jupiter (Mars is a planet of high energy and Jupiter a planet of abundance, so both can increase the activity of your thyroid).

Kelly has a Taurus Sun (Taurus ruling the thyroid) and it’s in her 2nd house (the house ruled by Taurus naturally). Her Mercury gets kicked by Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, squaring both Mars and Saturn, and sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Poor little Mercury!

Venus rules Taurus, so you also want to check out what’s going on with her. For Kelly, Venus is quadranovile Jupiter and Saturn and novile the Sun. Novile aspects can manifest positively or negatively depending on other factors and how we use them (and her Mercury is novile the Ascendant, ruler of the self). Her Venus is also in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury.

The Sun rules vitality, and Mars rules energy, so check out aspects to those two planets as well. Kelly’s Sun squares her Moon and Uranus, and opposes Neptune. Her Mars is quincunx the Moon, opposes Saturn, and septiles Pluto.

Pluto is the ruler of the endocrine system overall, and aspects between the Sun and Pluto should be especially noted. Kelly’s Sun and Pluto trine one another, a positive aspect, but she does have Pluto on the Descendant, opposing the Ascendant.

The other place to look at is the 6th house. Kelly’s 6th house is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon which is contained in the 12th house in Aquarius (and her Moon is highly afflicted). Uranus, planet of erratic energy, falls in her 6th house. The sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, is fully contained within her 6th house, so her vitality (Leo/Sun) is somewhat taken over by her health issues.
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