Astrology and Neuropathy by Nic Gaudette

On Wednesday I posted the article, Astrology and the Thyroid that I asked my friend and astrologer, Nic Gaudette, to write. Today’s article is on astrology and neuropathy and is the second in a series of three articles that I asked Nic to write. If you would like to learn more about Nic or have her look at your chart, her website is The Dark Pixie and you can check out her website here.

Astrology and Neuropathy by Nic Gaudette

Neuropathy is nerve damage that can affect your limbs (peripheral) or internal organs (autonomic). The nervous system is ruled by Mercury, so an afflicted Mercury (one with many difficult aspects being made to it) can show someone who has a greater chance of having neuropathy. Kelly’s Mercury is square Mars and Saturn, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, and novile the Ascendant. Her Mercury also falls in her 1st house, and planets in the 1st house tend to be more dominant.

You’ll also want to look at aspects between Mercury and the Sun (ruler of the self), Ascendant (also rules the self), 6th house cusp (house of health), and 6th house ruler. Kelly has Mercury semisextile Sun, novile the Ascendant, squine the 6th house cusp, and sextile the 6th house ruler.

Look at aspects between Mercury and the planets ruling the body parts affected by the neuropathy, as well as what other aspects (especially difficult ones) are being made to those planets. Kelly has no aspects between her Mercury and Neptune (ruler of feet – but her Neptune does oppose her Sun), sesquiquadrate Jupiter and square Saturn (rulers of the legs), semisextile Sun (ruler of the heart), and sextile Moon (ruler of stomach). Kelly also has problems with her hands and lungs, which are ruled by Mercury, and that would be seen through the afflicted Mercury.

Kelly began suffering from autonomic neuropathy back in 1995 with gastroparesis. In 1995, she had Jupiter semisquare Moon (ruler of the stomach – Saturn semisquared in ‘96), Pluto sesquiquadrate Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto square the Ascendant, Saturn in the 1st house, and Uranus dancing along the 12th house cusp, opposing the 6th house (house of health). She also had her progressed Sun conjunct (joined with) her 4th house cusp (naturally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, ruling the stomach).


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