Astrology and Celiac Disease by Nic Gaudette

Last week I posted the articles, Astrology and the Thyroid and Astrology and Neuropathy that I asked my astrologer and friend, Nic Gaudette, to write. Today’s article is on astrology and Celiacs and is the third and final article in the series of three articles that I asked Nic to write.

To be clear here, I was not officially diagnosed with Celiacs. I had a bunch of the symptoms but did not connect them to gluten until I quit eating bread for about 2 months. The other foods I was eating at the time did not contain gluten and the problems I was having went away until I started eating gluten again – that was when I made the connection. That was right after I went thru my foot infection and had a bunch of other stuff going on, including needing cataract surgery. At the time, my doctor was pretty useless so for me, the easiest route was just to stop eating gluten. I would not recommend doing that without having the testing done first – once you quit eating gluten, you will test negative.

I recently went to a rheumatologist for some other problems that I am having. I have “gluten intolerant” on my medical history form so he asked me about it. He recognized that I would test negative if I am really gluten free so he ordered the gene testing – being gluten free won’t change the gene testing. Most people with Celiacs have either HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8. I do not have either of those, but I do have the DQB1*0202 haplotype and a small percentage of people with Celiacs have that haplotype without having either of the main genes.

If you would like to learn more about Nic or have her look at your chart, her website is The Dark Pixie and you can check out her website here.

Astrology and Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine, making people sick if they eat gluten. Astrologically, the immune system is ruled by Neptune and Pisces. The small intestine is ruled by Virgo, and the digestive system overall is ruled by the Sun.

Kelly is a Pisces rising and has her Moon in the 12th house, the house naturally ruled by Pisces. For aspects to her Neptune, she has the Sun opposite, Moon square, and Venus sesquiquadrate. Her Pluto (a malefic, or “negative” planet) falls in Virgo on her Descendant, opposing the Ascendant (house of self). Her Sun/Moon midpoint falls in Virgo, and Uranus falls on her 6th house cusp, a house naturally ruled by Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Kelly has Mars and Saturn square and Jupiter sesquiquadrate her Mercury. For the Sun, Kelly’s Sun falls in Taurus in the 2nd house (fixed sign and succedent house, both with slow energy). Her Sun is square her Moon and Uranus, and opposes Neptune. Kelly actually has a grand square in her chart (four planets involved, 2 opposite one another squaring the other 2 planets that also oppose one another). Kelly’s grand square involves the Sun (digestive system) in Taurus opposing Neptune (immune system) in Scorpio squaring Uranus in Leo opposing Moon in Aquarius (and Uranus is in the 6th house, Moon in the 12th house, the houses of health). It’s in fixed signs, which can show greatly slowed digestion (and this also probably contributes to Kelly’s gastroparesis, which affects the stomach and is ruled by the Moon).

Those of Irish descent tend to get Celiac disease more often (in Ireland and people of Irish descent: 1 in 300; in Europe and U.S.: 1 in 2500). In Ireland’s Easter Rising chart (the chart mostly used for Ireland –, Neptune’s in Cancer and the 12th house opposing Moon in Capricorn and the 6th house (cardinal signs and health houses). Neptune’s at 29 degrees, the Anaretic degree, a position of “crisis.”
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2 thoughts on “Astrology and Celiac Disease by Nic Gaudette

    • I read that the longer a population has eaten wheat, the lower the rates of Celiacs. The Irish have not been eating wheat as long as other parts of Europe. I also read that some of the countries in Africa have a lot of cases of Celiacs – they probably did not have exposure to wheat before either. Since part of it is genes, that would also explain why they have a higher percentage than other countries.

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