Facebook Page For My Blog

About a month or so ago, I started playing around in Facebook to try to setup a page for my blog. I noticed more and more people were doing that so figured I would give it a shot. I managed to get the page setup but was having trouble with getting the badge on my blog here. I got sidetracked with things that day and decided to give it another shot today.

When I went to get the code for the badge and add it to a text widget in WordPress, I noticed that WordPress now has a Facebook widget so decided to add that. I went to look in the WordPress forums for help and someone else had just asked about the Facebook widget. One of the responses had a link how to set up the feed to pull into Facebook so I was able to do that.

I am having problems with the widget on my blog here. I would like to put it in the far left column with the other subscription type items but it is getting chopped off there. I have a post in so hopefully someone in the WordPress staff will see it. I temporarily have it in both the 1st and 3rd columns but that will change!

If you would like to follow my blog in Facebook, you can check it out here.
stats for wordpress


2 thoughts on “Facebook Page For My Blog

  1. Congratulations ! 🙂 Sharing your experiences and reaching out to other people with the same condition would not only help you but would help others as well., and facebook is a good place to propagate your purpose. 🙂

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