Made in the USA Store

Kelly Booth picture of flagThis morning, I had an appointment to get my hair cut. As usual, I was chatting with the woman that cuts my hair. The conversation started off about the budget crisis, shifted to how much money is wasted and then turned to how many of the products that we use are made in China.

When the conversation turned to all the stuff made in China, she said that someone like Donald Trump should start a chain of stores like Wally World (meaning they pop up in every town) that only sells items made in the United States. I am sure there would be a lot of us that would prefer to shop there knowing they are supporting US companies as opposed to buying cheap goods from overseas. I often hear Donald Trump on CNN complaining about the policies that allow China to export so much stuff here. Donald, where are you?
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4 thoughts on “Made in the USA Store

  1. That would probably be one of the shortest lived national retail chains in history. And each store location could be just the smallest of strip mall store fronts, since there’d be few items they could stock.

      • I’d like to share your optimism, but realistically, while so many Americans posture at public patriotism, and claim they’d “buy American” whenever they could, when it comes right down to it, too many people in this country have succumbed to an insidious sense of retail entitlement — they expect and demand the absolute lowest prices for all the crap they purchase, and with rare exceptions, will never make the extra effort, or pay the additional costs of purchasing items manufactured in the U.S. To a large extent that’s what has gotten this country into the chronic trade imbalances that have existed for so long. Most Americans are too intellectually lazy, and short sighted to admit to themselves that all the Chinese junk they purchase at walmart, Sam’s, Lowe’s, etc. undercuts American based manufacturing, perpetually eliminating potentially decent paying domestic jobs for themselves, and their children and grand children.

        I’m no “patriot”, but many years ago (before it became somewhat “fashionable” in certain social circles) I decided to stop purchasing lowest common denominator consumer goods made in China, whenever possible. Hell — they don’t even need to be manufactured in the US; just not slapped together in exploitive Chinese factories. Unfortunately, this makes almost all my shopping endeavors far more time consuming and expensive than I’d like. And too often I still have to buy something made in China because I just can’t find any alternatives, and I can’t put off the buying of something I need any longer, in hopes of finding it made anywhere else — even MEXICO.

      • I have a friend that calls me a “delusional optimist” so I know I am more optimistic than most people. I know that you are right that more people claim they would do it than would actually do it. I would like to believe that there are enough that would actually do it to make a difference. I remember when the stuff first started showing up here and people did not believe US manufacturers what would happen. I know it is hard to find things that are made in the US. I look for stuff and it is hard. Most of the medical things I get are made overseas. I get frustrated having to rely on things made out of the country.

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