Thank You Wendell Fowler

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, the Southside Times and/or Wendell Fowler decided to delete the article, Pandering to Diabetics, You Bet written by Wendell Fowler. If you have not read the original article, it is available to read here. Besides not understanding how Facebook works, Wendell doesn’t understand that once you put something out there on the internet, it is there forever. I did not want to change what I originally wrote, but the link to the first article no longer works. As of this edit, the link to the half-baked apology still works.  What follows here is my original article:

You killed the ice cream truck!

Melted ice cream truck

I am sure everyone has heard about Wendell Fowler’s attack on diabetics eating ice cream at a fundraiser sponsored by the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. I first read about “the problem” at Mike Hoskin’s blog, The Diabetics Corner Booth. Last weekend, an email went around about an article written by Wendell Fowler in the Southside Times. You can read that article here. A lot of ice cream stuff has been going around blogs and Facebook this week. I guess you can say, the devil made me do it, but when I went grocery shopping today, between the heat and all the ice cream talk, I bought ice cream. I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream and I actually was hungry for it even before all the talk started.

Kelly Booth picture of ice cream

My only regret? I went shopping before I read Wendell Fowler’s so called apology that you can read here. Had I read that, I would have bought some of the half baked ice cream because that is what his apology amounts to. That would have made a much better picture.
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12 thoughts on “Thank You Wendell Fowler

  1. This guy makes me sick. What an idiot. It’s people like him who spread false information about diabetes and make it so much harder for those of us just trying to live with the disease. Yeah, because at the age of 3 I consumed enough ice cream to “cause” my diabetes. Give me a break!

    • I agree with you MyBustedPancreas – it is bad enough when the general public doesn’t get it, but when people in the news are spreading it, it just not right.

  2. Love it, Kelly! The half-baked ice cream would’ve been a priceless touch for the blog post! Thanks for the shoutout, though I’m sorry it was necessary in the first place. Saw your comment online at the column too, so nicely done there. It’s this kind of crap that hurts our advocacy efforts and the D-Community overall, and why it’s so important to share these examples when they unfortunately arise. Thanks for helping to spread the word about this one.

    • Thanks Mike. I really wish I had bought the half baked ice cream. It is good that there are a lot of people spreading the word about it so more people speak up. I feel bad for the damage he caused to the kids there – there is nothing that will make up for that.

      • We have a great community here, with a LOT of local support for the DYFI and much coming from the local JDRF and ADA chapters, too. Not to mention Roche and Lilly, both of which have board members and are incredibly involved. So, this isn’t going away lightly. But yes, the misconceptions and myth-perpetuating do damage as it just reinforces what’s already out there. So, just makes us have to work even more… two steps forward, four steps back. And so we dance. Thanks again, Kelly.

      • I am glad that you have a great community Mike. It is good that it is the internet age and old Wendell can be ganged up on by everyone around the world! Keep dancing!

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