Oops, Email to Doctor Goes to Wrong Recipient

If you have a fairly common name, I am sure that you have gone thru some “mix-ups” and were on the receiving end of things that were not meant for you. Kelly Booth is a fairly common name and there are a lot of us out there. Last year, one of my neighbors said, “do you know how many Kelly Booths there are on Facebook?” when she was trying to find me on Facebook.

When I lived outside of Harrisburg, there was actually another Kelly Booth that went to the same doctor that I did. One year after Christmas, my cousin’s daughter emailed me to let me know that she had sent a Christmas card to the wrong Kelly. She lost her address book and found an address for a Kelly Booth near Harrisburg that she thought was me. After my card to her showed up, she realized she had sent it to the wrong Kelly.

Over the weekend, I received an email from someone that I did not recognize the name. The subject line had, “RE: Update.” I started reading the email and realized that it was not meant for me. The email discussed several patients that went to a hospital lab. Apparently, this hospital was changing their policy for lab patients. A doctor with the last name of Booth and a first name that started with K (but not Kelly), sent an email to someone asking clarification on the new policy. That person forwarded the email to a third person asking her to respond to the doctor’s email.

The person that I received the email from typed in the doctor’s email address but left off one letter. By leaving off that one letter, the email came to me. Fortunately, no actual patient’s names were discussed, but I did get to read some insider thoughts on this particular hospitals new policy and what they thought of patients, “testing the system.”

I hit reply all to make sure everyone received my response to the sender. I also copied Dr. Booth’s email address to make sure there were no typos and she also received a copy of the email. I pointed out that the sender did not send the email to Dr. Booth and which letter she left off the email address. No one responded back, which I did not really expect. I hope that the sender will at least be more careful in the future and learn the concept of “cut and paste” to avoid those kind of typos in the future.
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4 thoughts on “Oops, Email to Doctor Goes to Wrong Recipient

  1. I have the habit of typing the start of an email address and the computer fills in the rest, only problem here is if you have more than one Bob, Mary or Jan on your list, its easy to send to the wrong person.


    • I do that too – it fills in the wrong one and if I am not paying attention, then it goes to the wrong one. A friend of mine that died this year had 2 friends named Kelly so he would often send the wrong Kelly a message – we would just joke about that.

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