First Attempt at Homemade Dog Food

Kelly Booth picture of homemade dog foodAnd if you ask Alex, he would probably say that I failed!

Alex has gotten sick several times over the last few months and I have really been questioning whether it is his food. After he got sick again this week, I thought that I would try making homemade dog food. I searched the net and came up with a couple recipes to try. I found one that seemed kind of easy and had a lot of good reviews for it. Yesterday morning, I headed off to the grocery store, list in hand, for the stuff that I needed.

After I got home, I put 4 pieces of the chicken in a pot to boil. While I did that, I got my salad shooter out and grated a bunch of carrots. When the chicken was done, I got a bright idea to try and “grate” the chicken in the salad shooter. Next thing I know, the salad shooter shuts off. I can’t eat salads that often because of the gastroparesis, but I do like my salad shooter – that thing is probably 20 years old and I don’t know if they even make those things anymore.

I mixed everything up and put it back on the stove. While I was waiting for the water in it to start to boil so I could set the timer, I decided to wipe up some of the mess I made on the stove. I quickly discovered why the pot was taking so long to boil – I turned the wrong burner on. Ouch! Once I got my hand taken care of, I continued to try and clean up the mess I made in the kitchen. I looked over and noticed that the clock on my microwave was not on – I did not burn up the salad shooter, I tripped the circuit breaker.

My circuit breaker is upstairs so I went upstairs to take care of that. Fortunately, they are all labeled and two for the kitchen ones were marked “app” so I figured those were the outlets. I flipped them and came back downstairs. The things on the counter that should be lit up weren’t so my outlets still weren’t working. I turned to go back upstairs and just as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I remembered there are little reset switches on two of the outlets. That did it and my salad shooter still works!

Once the dog food finished cooking, I put some in Alex’s bowl and left it out for a little bit to cool. He wouldn’t eat one bite!

Kelly Booth picture of homemade dog food

When I was cutting the chicken up, I did give Alex a little piece and he ate it. I boiled another piece of chicken and he ate that. This morning, I decided to put some carrots in with his chicken,

Kelly Booth picture of chicken with carrots.He liked that!

Kelly Booth picture of empty bowl

I guess he just doesn’t like the rice and peas! He has also been drinking some Boost but I need to figure out something. I know he can’t live on chicken and carrots.

This picture was going around Facebook and reminds me of mealtime at my house. Even though Sasha gets her own bowl with canned food plus has a bowl of dry food upstairs that Alex can’t get at, she sits right next to him and tries to get his food. When he is sick, she is even more aggressive than normal. Picture this:

Picture of one cat hitting another eating

But substitute Alex for the cat with its head in the bowl

Kelly Booth picture of Alex

And Sasha for the one ready to pounce!

Kelly Booth picture of Sasha


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4 thoughts on “First Attempt at Homemade Dog Food

  1. The whole episode cracked me up, because it sounds like something I would do! I’m not too sure about so many carbs for carnivores, though — have you talked to your vet about it? I do hope Alex gets better. I currently have a cat in end-stage kidney failure and am giving sub-q fluids every day — loving her every moment I can, because I know I won’t have her forever. But that’s true of all our beloved animals. We do our best for them, and that’s all we can do!

    • It was pretty funny – although I did not laugh in the beginning about the burn! A lot of the stuff I read had more carbs than the meat and fat part. He doesn’t like the rice so he will be doing low carb also. I didn’t ask a vet because I trust them about as much as I do doctors.

  2. They still do make salad shooters. I had to buy a new one two years ago. Chicken and carrots probably isn’t all that bad. I never heard of giving Boost to animals, though. Hopefully it doesn’t give him the runs.

    • The salad shooter still works so I don’t need a new one – I won’t put chicken in it again though. He is not getting a lot of Boost – it took 2 days to drink one bottle of it.

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