Wendell Fowler and the Southside Times

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, the Southside Times and/or Wendell Fowler decided to delete the article, Pandering to Diabetics, You Bet written by Wendell Fowler. If you have not read the original article, it is available to read here. Besides not understanding how Facebook works, Wendell doesn’t understand that once you put something out there on the internet, it is there forever. I did not want to change what I originally wrote, but the link referenced to Wendell’s first article no longer works.  As of this edit, the  link to the half-baked apology still works.  What follows here is my original article:

Everyone knows what old Wendell Fowler said about diabetics and ice cream in his article in the Southside Times and his equally rude apology. I just saw in Facebook this afternoon that all the well thought-out comments that everyone did for both of those articles are gone (thank you Liz for posting that!).

If the Southside Times wanted to make this go away, they should have removed everything, not just the comments. Instead, they left the fiction part and removed the facts. It is easy to make a mistake – the Southside Times obviously made a huge mistake by allowing what was said to run. Instead of fixing it, they would rather cover up all comments that were truthful and they allowed the garbage and lies to remain.

There is power in numbers. I encourage everyone to go back and comment on the articles. You can find the first article here and the half baked apology here. I have copied all the email addresses listed on the contact page of their site. Last but not least, make sure to join the Facebook group, YES WE CAN Eat Ice Cream.

Roger Huntzinger, Publisher  rhuntzin@ss-times.com

Sherri Coner, Editor  news@ss-times.com

Mike Alexander, Correspondent  news@ss-times.com
Kevin Kane, Correspondent  news@ss-times.com
Sherri Coner-Eastburn, Correspondent  news@ss-times.com
Nicole Palmer, Correspondent  news@ss-times.com
Torry Stiles, Correspondent  news@ss-times.com
Mary Klotz, Classified & Advertising Sales  mklotz@ss-times.com

Barbara Stanley, Business Office Manager  bstanley@ss-times.com
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4 thoughts on “Wendell Fowler and the Southside Times

    • It is very sad Matt. We all make mistakes and I can forgive the first mistake of publishing the article without checking the facts. The paper deleting all the comments is a whole new ball game!

    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw someone say that the replies had been deleted. I noticed when the “apology” one went up, some of the replies to the original article had been deleted. I understand deleting nasty stuff, but nothing I read fell into that category.

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