Stupid Lows

The past couple weeks, I have managed to wake up in the 80s, other than two mornings over 200. One was a rebound high from a low before I went to bed and the other because I decided to have a hamburger for dinner the night before. Having protein for dinner with gastroparesis doesn’t work too well unless you want to baby sit blood sugar all night. About 4 AM this morning, I woke up all cold and sweaty. At first, I thought I was sweaty because of it being hot, but that didn’t make sense because I knew the AC was on.

I laid there for awhile trying to figure out why I was sweaty. Other than being half asleep, I didn’t feel like anything was wrong. All of a sudden, that little light went off in my head that I should check my blood sugar. I sat up, turned the light on and grabbed for my meter.

Kelly Booth low blood sugar of 38

Yes, I was low. I got to have a 4 AM snack. Just what I wanted!
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8 thoughts on “Stupid Lows

  1. Darn that hamburger that did it to you! I’m like Colleen – detest night time lows like that with a passion. Luckily, very rare for me these days – but when they happen due to a goof up on food intake – then I pay.

    • Thanks Anna! And I don’t even eat buns or bread with my burgers! I think this is the first one I have had since last summer when I woke to the EMTs over me. I thinks the nights are worse than during the day. I am glad that they are rare for you also. We have enough headaches!

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